Duplicate Content Checker
for Bloggers

The life of a blogger is more than just photos, product reviews, and life updates. Many bloggers are one-person shows that run everything from content creation to photo editing and of course the analytics of their blog. Our plagiarism checker for bloggers lets you rest easy knowing your published work is protected automatically. The Copyleaks duplicate content checker’s advanced technology seamlessly scans through online content pages and can pinpoint exactly if and where your content has been used on other sites.

The words you write matter, starting from your first blog post, until today’s most recent review. Keep the content you worked so hard to create, edit, and share with your followers protected with Copyleaks for Bloggers.


Who can use it to detect plagiarized work?

Blogging for a company or a personal project is on the rise. Our plagiarism checker lets you focus on what matters most-your content. Our system allows you to keep your search results at the top so you can reach the followers you want to interact with.

We know how important it is to be sure your unique content traffic is coming in and we give you another way to monitor the distribution of your content. Our plagiarism checker for bloggers is the perfect tool to confirm there is not duplicate content online.

Why is Copyleaks the best blog plagiarism checker?

Our API-based software easily integrates with your blog to scan and compare against content that is online. Bloggers can protect their written work and feel sure that traffic won’t be traveling to competitor webpages.

Easily compare your blog’s content against various documents and websites online and immediately see the similarity results. The results report includes the exact website URL, number of words and percentage, and highlighted passages.

Multiple languages

Whatever language you're posting in, we've got you covered and can scan in any language.

Various File Formats

No matter what file format you've saved your content in, we can scan up to 100 different files at a time.

Accessible from all devices

Our cloud-based system is easily accessible from your computer, phone, and tablet so you can check and submit result on-the-go.

Accurate Results

Find out where your content has been used and how similar it is with our focused reports.

Scan Physical content

Snap a pic of text and submit it for a scan in real time.


Sync your blog with our API for routine scans of your blog posts.

Check your content for plagiarism with Copyleaks today