Learning Management Systems

Plagiarism Detection for Learning Management Systems and Educational Platforms

Copyleaks is happy to offer several integrations for the learning management system (LMS) your school or university is working with. In order to provide a seamless integration, we have app specific plugins and LTIs.

Copyleaks Plagiarism checker is a simple integrations that scans original student content straight from your platform. All submitted content can be easily scanned from your system during the grading process. Detailed results are provided for the educator to see different similarity results, percentage breakdown, and more.

What is LMS?

A learning management system (LMS) is a platform for educational institutions and work places to use as a training and leaning system. The platform has a variety of features, shares school and company wide updates, hosts information for individual courses, and more. Many teachers give their students assignments that will later be submitted and graded through the LMS platform. Educators are able to use different plugins like Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker for a smoother, more efficient grading process.

Is your university working with a different LMS that we don’t offer?

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