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Plagiarism Checker

The Copyleaks LMS Plagiarism Checker is a simple, easy-to-use integration system that thoroughly scans student assignments directly from the platform of your educational organization. 

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We can integrate our AI-powered plagiarism software with the following LMS platforms:


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Unmatched Speed & Efficiency

Don’t expect to be waiting around. With an average turnaround time of less than a minute, educators and students can submit a document and get the results to report in no time.

Unparalleled Search

The Copyleaks LMS plagiarism checker plugin performs extensive searches across the internet, educational databases, research papers, and scientific journals within your institution’s account. So when educators receive the findings report, they get the most in-depth results available.

Fully Customizable

We put the power in the hands of the instructor so they can customize the LMS plugin to suit the needs of their classroom. Plus, teachers can choose to unlock the plagiarism reports for students and allow them to submit drafts before the final version so they can learn from it.

Clear, Interactive Similarity Reports

Generate a clear, comprehensive, and completely interactive similarity report for every document, assignment, and research paper uploaded. Even after the report is generated, instructors can customize the report to see only the information they want.

Multiple Language Compatibility

The Copyleaks LMS plagiarism software can read over 100+ languages, including French, Russian, Spanish, German, and more!

Check for Code Plagiarism

With the Copyleaks LMS plugin, even your computer science teachers have the option to check for plagiarism because our plagiarism checker can read code in multiple languages, including JAVA, Python, C++, and more.

Cloud-Based Platform

Since Copyleaks is a cloud-based platform, it does not overload your system while working.​

Bulk Data Processing

Copyleaks can process bulk data quickly, allowing educators to run successful and concurrent checks of assignments without affecting the system.​

API Based System

Our LMS plugin can integrate with any other system using the API, allowing for the real-time export and import of data.


All data and assignments uploaded are not submitted to any third party for comparison. We ensure safety with cloud-based system architecture, military-grade 256-bit encryption with SSL connection, and 100% data transferred using secure channels (HTTP). You can learn more on our Security Practices page. 

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