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A Seamless Schoology Experience

Inspire learning and error-free writing while keeping everything you need in one convenient place with a Copyleaks Sakai integration.

Take it beyond word-for-word detection with the only platform that:

LMS Integration Features

Feature examples of the Copyleaks LMS Integration

AI Content Detector

The only enterprise AI detection solution with full model coverage, including ChatGPT, Claude, and Gemini, built right into your LMS integration, not as an additional add-on.

Cross-Language Plagiarism Detection

Determine if a document was plagiarized from another language through online translation, with matching capabilities in over 30 languages, including Spanish, Chinese, German, and Portuguese.

Writing Assistant

Empower the writing process with the most accurate tool for grammar corrections, sentence structure, tone suggestions, overall mechanics, and more.

Source Code Detection

Copyleaks is the only platform to verify source code for originality and authenticity, including AI-generated code, recognize potential code plagiarism, and detect modified code.

Go Beyond Assignments

Expand your scanning options beyond assignments; upload files or simply paste text from discussion boards, quizzes, or anything else you want to run a scan on.

You’re In Control

Admins can decide what scan settings are universal and which can be adjusted based on the classroom needs. Plus, teachers can adjust scan settings based on assignments and decide how much student access they want to grant.

Unparalleled Search

Along with the ability to read over 100 human languages, every scan searches across trillions of pages of original content, plus:

  • 60 trillion websites
  • 1M+ internal documents
  • 16,000+ open-access journals
  • 20+ code data repositories
Source examples

More Informed Scans with Template Exclusion​

As part of the Moodle integration, teachers can upload templates to exclude specific text when running a scan on a student’s assignment, preventing similar content detection regarding original questions, prompts, and more. 

Template Exclusion
Copyleaks Interactive report

A Fully Interactive Reporting Experience

Get a clear, comprehensive, and fully interactive report with every scan and customize it to see the information relevant to you and your students. Plus, there’s the option to download PDF reports and share them with your students.

Account Analytics

Account Analytics

Analytics provides admins and educators with historical data on student submissions, allowing them to monitor recurring trends and make informed decisions about AI use, plagiarism, and more.

Full-Military Grade Security

Military-grade 256-bit encryption with SSL connection

100% HTTPS data transferring

Certified SOC2 and SOC3 Compliant

To learn more, visit our Security Practices page.

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