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As a freelance professional writer, one of the most critical aspects of your job is your integrity and original thinking. Writing and editing innovative ideas before sharing it with your client should always be a top priority. It is essential to understand how to prevent accidental plagiarism in any of your work.

After working hard and creating content for your client, the final step before sending the finished work over should be double-checking your write-up to ensure that it is entirely original. You can do this by checking your work with a plagiarism checker for freelance professionals developed by Copyleaks. Within a few seconds, you can check for plagiarism and find instances where you have accidentally used text without adequately citing the authors.

So, now with the Copyleaks plagiarism checker, you can detect plagiarism within seconds!

Detect Plagiarism in Seconds With Copyleaks

How do I check if my work is plagiarized?

If you are working with other writers, checking for plagiarism is even more vital, so you can check if they have copied online while trying to hide it. You cannot afford to have copied content because it will destroy the prospect of your brand.

Our plagiarism software for freelance professionals is carefully curated to ensure flawless plagiarism detection. Any form of potential plagiarism in the content has to be noted and removed for avoiding complications, and with our online plagiarism checker, you can do it effortlessly within seconds. Use our plagiarism checker application and get rid of plagiarism instantly.

How does Copyleaks help freelance professionals with their plagiarism?

A high-quality plagiarism tool is required to seek out copied content. You know that the presence of plagiarized content hurts your reputation. Clients prefer to give written assignments to freelancers who can provide original content. Apart from artistic representation, the quality of the content depends heavily on the originality of the text.

The Copyleaks team has developed a professional plagiarism checker that acts as a plagiarism detector to help professional content and blog writers. By using our detection tool, you can guarantee that your work is 100% plagiarism-free. Clients appreciate freelance writers that take the plagiarism issue seriously, and our professional services are specially designed to ensure that your goodwill in the freelance industry remains intact.

Are plagiarism checkers efficient?

The sophistication of the plagiarism software determines its efficiency. There are plenty of cases where copyright infringement occurs. To prevent plagiarism in your text, it is vital to employ a useful plagiarism tool. Our plagiarism software can detect plagiarism quite easily. To check for plagiarism, you can simply upload the text file or copy-paste text from your document and get the plagiarism report instantly.

How To Avoid Plagiarism In Your Content

Unintentional plagiarism is quite common. Self-plagiarism is also an issue that requires your attention. Errors can easily crop up while writing multiple articles. As a freelance writer, you need professional aid to help you so that plagiarism doesn’t occur in your article.

You have to be diligent while writing an assignment and note all reference sources meticulously. To avoid errors entirely in the final draft, it is sensible to opt for a plagiarism scanner that will help you to check for errors in the document.

Common Ways Writers And Content Creators Plagiarize

In freelance writing, we often quote from online sources, but we forget to check the source’s authenticity. Information is readily available on the internet, but at the same time, wrong information or improperly cited articles also make their way into the system. Quoting from such dubious sources denigrates the quality of your work.

Blatant copy-pasting is also done by some content writers who fail to create exciting content. As a responsible freelance writer, it is vital to honor the client’s requirements and submit proofread and plagiarism-free assignments.

Features of Plagiarism Checker for Publishers

Accurate & Shareable​

Copyleaks technology has the ability to search the internet far and wide for duplicate content. Choose the content you wish to scan and receive an accurate report for when you choose. Daily, weekly, and monthly scans can be scheduled through our API with as much content as you want.​


Use on All Devices

It’s easy to see the results of our scan on all of your devices. Upload files to be scanned straight from your devices, and receive results to share with colleagues and freelancers.


Scan Physical Content

Our app is able to scan physical content with OCR technology and find duplicate text. All you need to do is take a quick photo and receive results in as little as a few seconds. This is the perfect feature for editors on-the-go.​


Upload All File Formats​

We are able to conduct a scan for plagiarism on all file formats. Scan content in all file types including pdf, doc, html, txt, and more. Watch the progress of the scan and receive results immediately.​


Comprehensive Results

Copyleaks technology has the ability to search the internet far and wide for duplicate content. Choose the content you wish to scan and receive an accurate report for when you choose.​


Integrate your system with Copyleaks Open-Source API seamlessly with our ready-to-use code in different languages. Routine scans give you up-to-date and comprehensive results of who may be using your content.​

100% Private. Flexible. Scalable. Reliable.

Use the Copyleaks plagiarism API and multiply the capabilities of the Copyleaks plagiarism checker.

Why is it vital to review your blogs/websites for plagiarism?

Plagiarism is not a new problem, but due to the online platform’s presence, information copying and sharing have become very easy, and that has led to unauthorized copying. There are multiple blogs, websites, and social pages on the internet. All media influencers attempt to build their brand on the online platform by uploading relevant and quality content.

The help of an SEO agency is also taken to augment the popularity of the online platform’s posted content. The optimization of content also focuses on the removal of copied content.

Search engines in the present scenario have introduced stringent rules for plagiarism. You wouldn’t want to have Google remove your blog or website from the search results due to excessive copy-content problems. To prevent copied or plagiarized text in the uploaded content, you must carefully scan the content for plagiarism.

If you conduct a manual scan by reading sources, it will take ages to successfully scan the entire content present on your blog(s). To detect plagiarism, use the Copyleaks plagiarism detector to check for plagiarism. Our sophisticated software is adept at scanning files thoroughly for plagiarism.

Hence, you can say goodbye to your worries related to plagiarism detection and focus on creating rich content and leave the task of plagiarism detection for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unless writing is your passion, you can’t be a successful freelance writer because you have to avoid unintentional plagiarism as a freelancer. Check for plagiarism with a good quality plagiarism detector to remove plagiarized text.

As a freelance tech writer writing quality content is the essential requirement. You can use tools like grammar checker, spelling checker, and vocabulary enhancer to elevate content quality. Use high-quality plagiarism software to detect plagiarism in your articles.