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Plagiarism Checker for Website

Find out if your published content is being used elsewhere with the Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker for websites. Copyleaks plagiarism detector integrates easily with your website to detect and protect against plagiarism.


Duplicate content is one of the main reasons website traffic is affected and it’s hard to bounce back after another site has stolen your work. Anytime content is published on your site it affects your SEO ranking and ease of finding the published work is something that you want to feel confident about.

It’s also important to scan your own content before publishing it online to be sure freelancers and other team members have created original content.

Detecting duplicate content within your website is not an easy task if you have tens or even thousands of pages to keep track of. Copyleaks is able to help you track the distribution of your work so you can determine if there has been copyright infringement.

Finding the content that has been written similar to yours is never easy especially when it’s not your main focus. With automatic and routine scans through our API or manually submitting content, get information that can improve your website’s performance.

Copyleaks is able to find accurate results that you can actively monitor including the similarity percentage and word count.

Billions of Sources

Compare your website against billions of internet pages, databases, and our own internal database.

Improve SEO

Keep your SEO ranking high with tracking of duplicate content.

Get Detecting

Our cloud-based algorithms search what you can't see to find matches.

Accurate Results

Get a focused report of the information you need to know.

Multiple Languages

Scan in all languages including Asian characters.


Easily integrate yours or your client's content with our API for routine and automatic scanning.

Check your content for plagiarism with Copyleaks today