Plagiarism Checker for Schools

Plagiarism Checker
for Schools

Copyleaks Plagiarism checker for schools uses advanced algorithms, to scan work for originality and find copies of content online. School administrators and teachers are always looking for the easiest way to combat plagiarism since students are able to easily copy and paste anything from the internet.

In a survey taken of high school students, one out of three students admitted to plagiarizing a school assignment. Our technology is able to scan over 60 trillion pages on the internet, academic journals, password protected sites, and private archives. Our plagiarism checker for schools is the most accurate way to combat dishonesty in school work.


Who can use it to detect plagiarism in schools?

Copyleaks plagiarism detector is easy for school district administrators, school faculty, library staff, technology specialists teachers, and more.

Our scan allows you to compare the submitted work to similar content around the web. In as little as a few seconds, view the comparison report. Our results show the similar content in question, a direct URL to see the comparison, the similar word count and percentage of similarity. Keep academic honesty a priority with our plagiarism checker for teachers.

Why is Copyleaks the best plagiarism detector for schools?

Our plagiarism checker can scan academic content of all formats. Upload files like docx, pdf, html, txt, and more. Insert raw text or URLs.

Our software is able to give a thorough search and comparison to private and public journals and databases. Our technology can enter and search academic journals and archives that aren’t readily available online. We are able to conduct a detailed scan to ensure the originality of student work that has been submitted. Copyleaks plagiarism detector for schools is the most accurate way to search for plagiarism in school work.

Scan Physical Content

Easily scan physical text with a photo. Our OCR technology quickly scans the words within the photo for plagiarism. Get a comprehensive report about the results of the photo in seconds. This is a great feature for teachers that receive hard copies of assignments.

File Format

Upload files in various formats to check for plagiarism. File formats include pdf, docx, html, txt and more. Documents can be scanned and results will come in a few seconds or minutes depending on the length of the file.

All Languages

We are able to scan various files and URLs in any unicode language for plagiarism. Asian character languages can easily be scanned.

Accurate & Focused Results

Copyleaks algorithms allow a deep search of online content to take place in order to detect plagiarism. Receive comprehensive results within seconds from our plagiarism checker for schools.

Compatible with all Devices

Checking for scan results on the go from any of your devices is simple. Easily upload files to be scanned for plagiarism, straight from your your device.


Our API is easy to integrate with for schools of all kinds. Seamlessly sync to your own system and scan for plagiarism in all kinds of student work routinely.

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