How to Scan for Plagiarism in Arabic

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Writing any kind of work or school assignment includes lots of research ahead of the actual writing. When you need a plagiarism checker in Arabic, Copyleaks is able to scan the Arabic language you have submitted for any similar content online.

Check Your Arabic Homework

Scanning assignments is made easier with the different ways to submit text. Our mobile app has OCR technology to easily detect similar text from physical text. Just take a photo and our technology can scan in seconds. If you’re working directly from a platform like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, scanning your text is seamless. Select the text or your whole document to scan for similar Arabic text and receive results immediately. See the similar Arabic text and comparisons to be sure the content is your own.

Scan the Arabic Alphabet

Since Arabic has a unique Alphabet of it’s own it is a unique and sometimes difficult language for many systems to understand. Our technology is able to interpret the Arabic text and can scan against similar

As a student, it can seem overwhelming if you are writing in a foreign language and sometimes reference sources online when writing an essay. If you’re a teacher, it’s important to check for papers with academic integrity and that students don’t accidentally plagiarize. A good practice to put in place is scanning your Arabic text before submitting it to your teacher.

Search for Similar Content

Working with different languages can be a challenge, especially if the characters are new for you. Common phrases can be found in homework assignments or reports for work and it’s important that the text has not been accidentally plagiarized. Easily use the Arabic plagiarism checker to be sure your work is completely original.

لغة واحدة لا تكفي

Scan any Arabic content for plagiarism using Copyleaks plagiarism checker today.

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