Originality Checking: Why Is It Important?

Often students pass their thesis through a plagiarism checker. Even if they do not, universities should opt for originality checking to ensure a good evaluation process. While writing a journal article, errors are evident. Some quote without attribution which is considered plagiarism. Therefore proper citation is essential to avoid plagiarism.

Why Is Originality Checking So Important?

Running a paper through an online plagiarism checker ensures whether a text is the author’s original property. Students tend to take help from existing articles while writing their research papers, scientific papers, and dissertation. The anti-plagiarism tools help identifies the literature used in writing when the writer is uncertain about its correct usage.

About Plagiarism Software

Usually, plagiarism software is of two types.

  1. Free plagiarism software
  2. Fee-based plagiarism software

If you surf the internet, you will come across various free plagiarism software. The users get tempted to use them. However, one must know about them before they check for plagiarism. The most valuable part of free plagiarism software is the users do not need to pay for them.

But, they have several disadvantages also.

● Usually, they have dubious providers.

● Unclear data protection policy of the server

● There is an additional hidden cost to use the full version

● The most common problem that is there is a limit to the words that need to get checked

So, there is a risk of not checking your final paper properly if you use a free plagiarism checker. More so, they have a poorly developed algorithm, and they do not contain all the lines thoroughly. So, there are high chances plagiarism could be found later on if appropriately checked. Often, they do not come under the ambit of data protection laws, so the users are risking their data. Your thesis could have been leaked and published without your knowledge. Some free plagiarism checkers save your uploaded paper in their data bank and post them later on.

Why Should You Opt For A Professional Plagiarism Checker?

E-learning is quite a popular learning platform now, especially during pandemic times when schools and colleges are closed for a long time.

If concerned for data protection of their thesis papers, university students must use a fee-based but professional plagiarism checker if they want to avoid the problems of duplicate content.

How to Find a Reliable Plagiarism Checker?

Before you choose one, you must be careful of certain qualities they have.

  • Check the professional attributes the organization possesses. Usually, the websites of the online plagiarism checkers do provide the terms and conditions. One must go through them before use.
  • Ratings are essential as they offer how people are accepting them.
  • The time matters. Specific time is required to check a document. If papers go through a review too quickly, they may not have the proper checking tools.
  • The users must be careful about the data storage policy. One must remove their papers from the server right after the plagiarism is checked.
  • People must compare the price, and high fees do not always ensure high quality. The price may depend on the word limit.
  • The provider must have registration.

Cause and Effect of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is but the unauthorized use of other’s writing. It is unethical, and the writers lose the originality of their writing. Usually, the researchers, bloggers, and students plagiarize when they keep procrastinating or steal others’ ideas to improve their writing. Often, they are lazy to gather resources in abundance required for a good writing piece. To substantiate a report is essential, and paraphrasing is also a kind of plagiarism.

People plagiarize for they are unaware of the consequence of plagiarism. No matter how tempting the act of copying has various legal effects. But, writers can use quotations as references, but they must credit the original writer in that case.

Some students copy, for they believe that writing from already published materials will fetch them good marks. Sometimes, they plagiarize from their previous writing, which is known as self-plagiarism. Accidental plagiarism is quite common when the students unknowingly write duplicate content.

Some Unusual Way to Avoid Plagiarism

Since the consequences of plagiarism are always pretty adverse, therefore, it is advisable to avoid it at any cost. Here are some tips to prevent it in a write-up:

Writers thought should be there in a write-up: The primary intention of writing an academic text or any text involves introducing new ideas to the audience. If the writer fails to do that, then what is the use of a text. Therefore, the writers should contribute to the content, not just to avoid plagiarism but for presenting an exceptional paper to the reader.

Referencing for one’s work: Providing references is not just a tip but a mandatory rule that every student has to follow. However, students should not just provide citations to other words but also their previous works as well. It helps them to avoid self-plagiarism.

Stop rushing: Often, people plagiarize because they run out of time. They rush, and they end up copying other’s work. Hence, writers should start working on it with enough time in hand. It will help them to carry out research and produce something unique and authentic.

Why Trust Copyleaks?

There are numerous online plagiarism checkers available on the internet. But Copyleaks provides the reasons to choose it over others. It has Machine Learning powered, CLOUD-based, and AI-driven advanced software that compares the piece of writing you upload with other works and generates the plagiarism percentage. One can also see the percentage of uniqueness and edit or remove the plagiarized portions to write a genuine article. Copyleaks is a safe and comprehensive plagiarism checker that scans any document, URLs, raw text and connects them to API.

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