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These days, code plagiarism is a common phenomenon. Feel confident knowing the programming work done by your team is original with the Copyleaks programming plagiarism checker.

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What Is Plagiarism Code?

Software development often involves teamwork. The source code of a program is the raw format that is transformed into machine code with a compiler’s help. An efficient programmer checks the program code with a similarity checker for plagiarism. It is unethical to steal patented program codes without permission.

As a software developer, you need to ensure that others do not copy your codes. If and when they do, that act, or rather the resulting code, constitutes plagiarism code. We are here to help you out! Copyleaks Programming Code Checker is the perfect tool to protect your years of hard coding work against plagiarism code.

Is There a Plagiarism Checker for Code?

Are programming code plagiarism checkers available, you may wonder? Thankfully, yes they most certainly are available. You’ve probably heard of plagiarism checkers for individuals. Think of our programming language checker like that, but amplified.


The Copyleaks plagiarism checker for programming works via an advanced algorithm that makes checking code in various programming languages easy. The result? You can rest assured in the knowledge that things are as they should be for your organization and its code.

Is CopyLeaks Accurate for Code?

Yes. There may be other tools available to check programming code for plagiarism but one of the significant advantages of our tool is its accuracy – even with paraphrased content!

Our online programming plagiarism checker is so accurate, it can identify exact, similar, and paraphrased content in over 100+ languages including source code. Don’t settle for subpar free plagiarism checkers and leave your organization’s code at risk of source code similarities.

Copyleaks Support Programming Languages

We don’t want your programming venture to suffer from programming plagiarism. Working with several programmers for a project can also lead to code similarity. But similar lines of code are treated as plagiarism. There is no justification for the plagiarism of the source code.

Sometimes unintentional similarities can crop up. However, removing the copied code and replacing it with the original code is vital. To detect copied programming language in a program, use our programming plagiarism checker.

Our online plagiarism checker supports various programming languages such as Java, Python, and C++ so you can do your plagiarism check without any problem, and get rid of all types of plagiarism.

Copyleaks Java Code Checker

Java is quite a popular programming language. Our software is built for checking programming languages for copied codes that are fully suited for Java.
  • Our language-specific Java code checker is efficient at detecting copied codes that usually escape detection.
  • The sophisticated algorithm of our Java code plagiarism checker results in an easy user experience you can feel confident about.

Copyleaks C++ Code Plagiarism Checker

C++ Programming Language is a procedural language that is generally used for developing operating systems. We have developed the most efficient similar code detector for C++ programming.
  • At Copyleaks, we aim to ensure that programming in all crucial languages is meticulously checked for copied codes.
  • Our C++ code checker can detect plagiarism in the C++ application within no time.
  • Our C++ code plagiarism checker highlights similar codes in the program that have been copied from other sources.

Python Code Plagiarism Checker

People often ask us “Can you check plagiarism code on Python?” The answer is yes – and our Python Code Checker makes it easy:
  • We have developed the most efficient similar code detector for Python programming.
  • At Copyleaks, we aim to ensure that programming in all crucial languages is meticulously checked for copied codes.
  • Our Python code checker can detect plagiarism in the Python application within no time.
  • Our Python code plagiarism checker highlights similar codes in the program that have been copied from other sources.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The types of plagiarism detected by standard programming plagiarism detectors, often don’t take the deceitful ways of fake programmers into account. Programmers that use copied codes, often insert loops, change the variables’ names, and add additional comments for evading detection by plagiarism detection tools.

These insertions and alterations are done with the sole purpose of changing the appearance of the program code. We have developed an advanced algorithm that helps in detecting concealed copied codes effectively.

Our code plagiarism detection software is highly efficient at detecting similar codes. With our code similarity detector, you can see the copied code and its source side by side. You have to upload a copy of the program code that you want to scan, and we will show you a side-by-side code similarity report. The comparisons are highlighted for better understanding, and you can also check out the source of the copied codes.

Our plagiarism detection tool that is used for scanning codes does not save your files. You can upload multiple files for scanning codes in one or more programming languages. Our code plagiarism detection software will detect copied code by highlighting the code lines that are similar to other program codes. Your data is wholly kept private, and it is never shared on the internet through any other platforms.

Our tool is suitable for the simultaneous checking of two and even more applications along with web sources. Plagiarism in computer science is an issue that is adequately resolved by our code similarity checker. You can upload multiple code files and initiate code scanning or select our application scanning mode for scanning applications. Our results are accurate, and you will get a comprehensive report regarding the similarity of the chosen applications.

In universities where open source projects are common, an advanced code plagiarism checker is used for checking the authenticity of the submitted work

All research work is checked with a code plagiarism checker to maintain academic integrity and originality of research papers. Universities have clear rules for dealing with different types of plagiarism. Stringent actions are taken against people who have been found guilty of copying code.

Our source code plagiarism checker can compare many coding languages. We can scan code in Java, C++, Python, and more. It’s easy to check the code for plagiarism either by copying and pasting into the text box or uploading a file. It’s easy to see the comparison of source code in different programming languages with Copyleaks.