Our Mission

We’re a leading AI text analysis platform dedicated to empowering businesses and educational institutions as they navigate the ever-evolving landscape of genAI.

Leadership Team

Alon Yamin Headshot

Алон Ямин

Генеральный директор и соучредитель

Йонатан Биттон

VP of R&D & Co-Founder

Shouvik Paul headshot

Шувик Пол

Chief Operating Officer

Brooke Weinbaum Headshot

Брук Вайнбаум

вице-президент по работе с клиентами

Eric Bogard Headshot

Эрик Богард

вице-президент по маркетингу

Karmelle Lang Headshot

Karmelle Lang

Head of Administration & HR

Nir Saban Headshot

Nir Saban

VP of Finance

Our Story

Copyleaks’ Alon Yamin (Co-founder and CEO) and Yehonatan Bitton (Co-founder and VP of R&D) met during their service in the Israeli Defense Forces, where they worked extensively with advanced text analysis technology, learning to analyze and determine particular trends or patterns within multiple forms of text, along with understanding context, distribution, origin, etc. Their comprehensive work with military-grade security also established a firm foundation in prioritizing privacy and security within technology.

Copyleaks was founded in 2015, bringing Alon and Yehonatan’s text analysis expertise into the real world to be the first to address growing concerns about content authenticity and ownership. Today, millions of users worldwide recognize Copyleaks as the leading voice in protecting content originality, including award-winning plagiarism and AI content detection and ensuring the responsible adoption of generative AI.

Alon Yamin Headshot
Лауреат премии Коди
Inc Best in business – AI & Data – 2023 г.
Copyleaks US Team

Diversity & Inclusion Commitment

We believe diversity and inclusion enrich the workplace, fostering unique perspectives and ideas that lead to greater innovation and a better environment. We have employees from close to a dozen different backgrounds represented at all company levels, and we’re committed to nurturing a culture where people can be who they are.

Redefine the future with us: visit our Careers Page to view open positions and learn more about a career at Copyleaks.

We’re a Global Team With a Global Mission

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US Office

700 Канал Ст.
Stamford, CT
06902 USA

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Israel Office

Kyriat Shmona
Upper Galilee

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The Copyleaks Newsroom

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