How to Check Your Homework for Plagiarism

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School is back and the assignments are just getting started. Between taking notes in class, research in and out of the library, and writing papers (some longer than others) checking your work for plagiarism is the final step before submitting work to your teachers.

Edit Away

It’s your final draft which means you need to check your work for grammatical, spelling, and structural errors. If you already reviewed it yourself, have a friend or peer in class check your work for mistakes you might have missed.

Get Your Sources in Check

If your paper requires any sourcing (even one) it’s important that you cited in the style your teacher is looking for. Your sources should be done while you go through your research so that you’re not scrambling at the end of the paper trying to match your quotes with different authors and publications.

Scan for Plagiarism

Now that your actual work is ready, it’s time to scan your assignment and make sure you did not accidentally plagiarize any of the work. Copyleaks will show you results of any similar text (this will also match up with the sources that you may have found online) as well as any student papers that look a little too close to what you wrote. Many teachers determine the percentage of similarity that is allowed and you can find out in as little as a few seconds how similar your work is to others online so you can feel ready to submit your assignment.

Homework doesn’t need to be stressful when you’ve got the right steps in place.

Find out what's in your copy.

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