How to Scan for Plagiarism Straight from your Document

Creating your content entails research, writing, editing, and publishing. But what about making sure you create completely original content? Let’s take a look at two great options we are happy to offer.

Scan for Plagiarism from Word Docs

While writing a homework assignment, work report, or non-fiction story on Google Docs, we have made it possible for you to scan your text for originality. Simply select the text or the whole document and Copyleaks will do the rest. What’s great about the easy add-on is you never need to leave your document. Just scan and keep on editing your work.

What Methods Should You Use To Detect Plagiarism?

Creating content is not easy. It requires adequate research, writing, proper editing, and publishing. Above all, the content you write should be original. It would help if you scanned for plagiarism

When someone writes a work report, homework assignment, or any non-fiction story on Google Docs, it must be original content. A freelance writer needs to scan his/her text for originality. The procedure for plagiarism detection is simple. You must select the text from your word document. 

Copyleaks can perform the rest of the work for you. One must not leave the document and keep on editing the results. 

Why Is Plagiarism Important?

To check the originality in work is so essential irrespective of the field where someone works. Microsoft Office has made things easier for writing any paper, checking references before submitting a significant thesis. There is no cause of tension to leave a document. To scan any document by Microsoft Office is easy now. 

People can only connect to Copyleaks account, and their works are half-done. Follow the steps to scan for plagiarism using Copyleaks.

  1. Add-ins insert
  2. Add-ins
  3. Copyleaks Plagiarism checker

Plagiarism is the unauthorized use of any article without giving credit to the original writer. If someone copies any content unethically, it is a theft. It takes away the trustworthiness and originality of content. 

Everyone, including bloggers, students, and researchers, must be aware of the importance of plagiarism.

How to Avoid Plagiarism?

  1. Procrastination is a serious problem. If people procrastinate, they have less time in the end to complete any assignment. To write any well-written article, people can use various tools like an assignment calculator. 
  2. People can also start collecting resources in abundance and note the materials and references to use.
  3. You can cite any article that you want to quote.
  4. Lastly, people must have time to edit and review the content they write by the online plagiarism checker tool. 

What Is The Importance Of Plagiarism?

The importance of plagiarism is many. It is helpful to establish the authority of your knowledge and the credibility of your ideas. You need to place the original ideas in a context and locate the works in the larger intellectual conversation of any topic. It would help if you permitted the readers to pursue a case further by gaining more knowledge. 

Consequence of Plagiarism

  1.     How students suffer?

Often students outsource their papers from various agencies, which is unethical. It can also lead them to many problems. One among them is having duplicate content. Often these agencies or freelance writer does not show much dedication and sincerity in writing the papers.

As a result, often, these papers have plagiarized content. It can destroy the career of a student.

Plagiarised content can impose various penalties on a student. Academic institutions have the right to penalize or take any action against the student. If found guilty of plagiarism, the institutions even have the power to take away the degree. At times, they also have to pay a certain amount as a penalty. Now, this amount can be a considerable amount that can ruin a student.

Students must think and learn on a deeper level. After all, all these assignment submission and grading is there only to enlighten a person. So, if a student cheats, s/he cheats with his/her career. Hence, these strict measures against plagiarism are there for the betterment of the students.

  1. How Bloggers suffer?

Blog plagiarism checker helps a blogger to write unique and authentic write-ups or blogs. The blogging industry is a profitable field only if the blog reaches its target audience. Else it is futile to opt for a career as a blogger. If one wants to be a successful blogger, then one needs to have the correct plagiarism checker. Only then can they remove plagiarized content from the blog.

Bloggers also plagiarise, but this way, they may lose their readership. Plagiarism can sabotage the career of any content writer. The authorities can take legal steps against the accuse

Plagiarism Scan Process

It is crucial to compare word documents to write an original document. To pass writing through the scanning process is mandatory. A software tool is there where people should send the writing for execution. Plagiarism percentage and content duplication are shown within nanoseconds. Writers can check the percentage of uniqueness and edit accordingly.

Check Originality in Word Document

Checking for originality in your work is extremely important, no matter what field you are in. Writing your own paper, scanning student work, and checking references before handing in a major thesis is now easier when using Microsoft Office. Now you don’t have to worry about even leaving your document. Scanning with Microsoft Word is now even easier. Connect to your Copyleaks account once, and you’re set! Anytime you want to scan for plagiarism using Copyleaks, simply go to add-ins Insert-> Add-ins-> Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker

Looking for similar text is no longer something you have to Google line-by-line. Use your time more efficiently with any of the Copyleaks add-ons. Want to submit a file without using one of these platforms? Easily submit up to 100 files using or integrate your system automatically using our API.

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