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Steps for Writing a Plagiarism-free Essay with the Help of Online Checker

A college admission essay is an applicant’s window of opportunity to enter his or her dream university. It plays an important role besides the grades and extracurricular activities that a student took part in.

  • Know the Correct Prompt: The first and foremost part to understand in terms of writing an essay is to understand the particular topic that one is writing about. One needs to make sure that the essay strictly adheres to the topic that is chosen. After finishing the essay, the student must look into the writing and make sure that he or she is sticking to the topic. The adherence and consistency help in sparking the interest in the mind of the reader regarding the student.

Here are some steps that one can follow while writing an all-rounded essay while being aware of the prompts:

  1. Read the prompts or the topics, again and again, to make sure of its meaning.
  2. Consider some time to let the idea sink in.
  3. Be aware of the end goal and awaited accomplishment.
  4. Know the personal application in regards to the particular topic.
  • Brainstorm and Outline: After the necessary parts of sorting out an essay topic are done, the brainstorming session comes in. it might be the most tedious stage of the entire process. However, this might also be the most important part of the process since it accounts for the essence of the essay.
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Some steps that involve brainstorming are:

  1. Reflection. This is the process of self-reflection. This helps in binding oneself with a particular topic and brings out the experiences and recounts them in a personal form.
  2. Pen down ideas. There are no exact rules that go with this step. Whatever is on the mind regarding the topic needs to be written down in case it is forgotten later. The ideas should not always be of high quality or ornamental in nature.
  3. Narrow it down. Now that all the ideas and concepts are on paper, it is time to make it concise by choosing the relevant points that capture the applicant’s interests are personality.
  4. Choose the story. With the relevant points, the student must bind them together in order to create a flow of the story that he or she wants to tell. Be aware of having enough details that support any argument mentioned and has a clear demonstration of the applicant’s skills, abilities, achievements, and beliefs.

After the brainstorming part is over, it is important to map out the details and create and a good outline. An outline is as important as an architect’s blueprints, a chef’s recipes or a coder’s web pages. It provides a plan.

An outline helps in shaping your stories with a good introduction, body, and conclusion. It also helps in keeping a natural progression, making the essay coherent enough to read. Outlines help in strategizing the prominent ideas into the essays.

  • Start As Soon As Possible: In order to reach perfection in terms of something, it takes patience and time. It is always advisable to start as early as possible. Writing several drafts and examining it over and over again helps in the process. After writing the drafts, take a break for a few days. Then, read it again. Repeat the same process a few times.

This helps in perfecting the essay over the due course of time, it will also help the students to get away with the unintentional plagiarism and this is something that the student should keep in mind apart from using the essay plagiarism check for free.

  • Write Down the Actual Essay: Once the satisfaction regarding all the brainstorming, outlining and drafting sessions are done, it is time to write the essays. The key is to have the mindset of writing a rough draft without trying to go back unless necessary. The applicant can get help by proceeding to check papers online and get an idea of how it works. The tone should be prompt but personal, with the usual run on sentences found in any academic paper or research paper.

After it is done, it is time to go back and revise every other time. Issues like the necessary word count should be kept in mind. It is also important to remember that the applicants should sound like a refined version of oneself, without coming off as too pretentious and hollow.

  • Be Direct: A proper essay is direct and prompt. It is best to choose an essay that appeals to the applicant the most as this bring in a personal flavor to the essay as reflects the type of student he or she wants to be at that particular university.

It is advisable to pay proper attention to writing skills and to avoid any grammar issues and/or spelling errors. This can be done by using tools like spell checker and grammar checker (for grammar check).  One should also avoid using any answers written to something similar to the topic and make it as unique as possible.

  • Beware of Plagiarism: Plagiarism is a great threat nowadays. It is sensible to avoid plagiarism of any kind with an essay plagiarism checker free. The purpose of the essay is not to just present a duplicated content that can be found on the internet but to provide a personal and completely exclusive and exceptional version of your wants and views. It can be guaranteed that the university will be undertaking plagiarism checks on the essays it receives with a plagiarism checker work. 

An essay can be rejected and subsequently the admission too, even if it is unintentional plagiarism. Thus it is better to use some kind of plagiarism tool that acts as a plagiarism detector and helps in plagiarism checks. There are many free online plagiarism checkers for students, which can be helpful in this matter. One can search them under the keywords “check my essay for plagiarism.”

  • Proofread and Edit: After the entire essay and its drafting has been done, it is time to proofread and edit wherever necessary.  A single spelling error or a grammar issue can go a long way towards rejection of the application since it indicates carelessness.

Here are some steps to edit and proofread an essay:

  1. Take some time after the actual work is done.
  2. Use software to check any issues with grammar and spelling.
  3. Print it out and then read it again.
  4. A teacher, guidance counselor, parents, and trusted friends can help in proofreading the essay.
  5. Read the essay backward.
  6. Read the essay out loud.
  7.  Look out for consistency.
  • Conclusion
    The dreams that the students are having should not get shattered easily and that’s the reason why it is important to use the online essay checker for free. It will not only help them to get rid of the duplicate content but also at the same time, improve their quality of writing and most importantly it will help them to get the best grades not only during the time of admission but also during the time of assessment too.
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