Interview with a student: Jordan a Junior at University of Wisconsin

As the start to school gets closer, we’re going to share some interviews with people from all parts of  the education world. This week we interview Jordan, who is starting his junior year at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

As a college student, it seems as if there is rarely a time when I am not writing a paper. Prior to handing out the prompts, every teacher offers the same reminder to the class, plagiarism on this essay will result in an automatic failure. While at first this may have seemed intimidating, it is something that all students are used to hearing and all understand. Because of this, it is important to make sure that you properly cite your sources and give credit where it is due. However, even when you think you are finished and everything is ready to be submitted, you should always double-check and submit it to a plagiarism detection site, such as Copyleaks.

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After discovering the site and using it for the first time, I now make sure to always scan my papers to ensure that it is not being plagiarized and that I have properly cited my sources. I am very happy to have found the site and will continue to use it.

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