Role of a plagiarism scanner: Why content creators swear by one?

Use a plagiarism scanner as plagiarism is still rampant throughout the internet

To stop the plagiarism tendency has become a tricky job. Writers and publishers have taken serious steps so that no one can copy their content. On the other hand, the plagiarists are developing themselves with new trends. Content creators can use the plagiarism scanner online to ensure that their content isn’t duplicated

To a genuine content writer, copying his/her writing or copying the concept of his/her writing is equally unexpected. If it happens, the whole credit of content creation goes to the wrong person. Hardly a person feels free to hand over their credit to any random person or organization. 

Now, plagiarism should face its end. Plagiarism checking software is playing a significant role in detecting copy-paste works and many more. Above all, the services are available at free of cost completely. 

Sometimes, writers or students copy any others’ existing creations at a flow in writing. In the academic field, plagiarized content results in even cancellation of the research paper and in worse cases the cancellation of the degree. 

In the SEO sector, the web page with copied content gets the least Google rank. Sometimes, the page is not visible even to the audience.  A plagiarism scanner online detects and alerts the writer or students in such cases of unintentional plagiarism.

What is a plagiarism checker?

This software compares a selected content with all the available contents online. They scan all the contents word for word. Even a copied phrase does not get ignored. The resemblance of any paragraph or sentence with any writing gets highlighted. 

The tools are efficient in showing the source of the copied portion too. This software highlights any plagiarized manuscript, changed with abbreviated words also, 

The algorithm of this kind of scanner is highly processed. The standard terms and abbreviations never get highlighted as a copied portion. 

From a school student to a research scholar, anybody can utilize it as per their requirement. Even professors are recommended to scan the research paper they get from their students. 

In the SEO world, the web page content is considered as the king. Duplicate content can spoil the whole marketing strategy of an SEO team. On the other hand, original content with the unforeseen concept can beat several contents with top-notch search engine strategies. 

Search engine optimizer must scan it through a plagiarism scanner to secure the ‘king’ like relevant content. The Free tools in this plagiarism checking software have made the task hassle-free.

Advantages of using a plagiarism scanner

  1. Comfortable with any format

Anti-plagiarism scanners accept the documents with any extension such as .doc, .xls, .pdf, .docs and so on. They accept the copy-pasted documents also. They are comfortable with checking documents, captured by a camera. 

  1. User friendly

The process of using such a free plagiarism checker is never a big deal. Selecting the document to check plagiarism, one has to run the process with a single click. 

The user gets to know if his writing has copied any others’ writings or any others’ writing has copied his one. 

The copied portions are highlighted with default color. To a writer, his target is to write 0% plagiarized content. As an added service, they score the originality and uniqueness in that writing too.   

Sometimes, writers follow a personal trend of writing on a particular topic. While doing so, they copy their own already existing writing. To avoid that, the scanners can operate a complete scanning process with all the available documents. 

These free tools provide options to compare mainly two different writing also. The similar parts are highlighted from both the contents. 

  1. Information remains secured

Whether s/he is a professional writer or a student, a writer is always careful to keep his/her writing protected. Before publishing or submission, it is prone to be copied. 

While using these free online plagiarism checkers, one might feel insecure about their own document security. Here, this software assures complete authentication of their service. To find a reliable plagiarism scanner online, one can follow the users’ reviews right before installing it. 

  1. Freelancers get justice

Some wicked employers utilize the term ‘plagiarism’ in their ways. Freelancers write genuine content and forward it to their employer. The receiver replies that the content is not genuine. 

In accusation of that, they pay less or nothing to the writer. Being a freelancer, the writer has very little information about his/her employer. So, s/he fails to take any active step against that. 

These days, plagiarism checkers work great for such freelancers also. They provide a report regarding their writing. 

The percentages of plagiarism and originality are mentioned clearly in them. Now, the immoral recruiters get a consistent and massive bounce back from the writers’ side. So, they must have to retreat.  

  1. Language is no more a barrier

Now a writer can avoid plagiarism in any language. Now, plagiarism checkers like Copyleaks allow the writer to check plagiarism in varied languages. In fact, one can say that Copyleaks is one of its kind, hence, people prefer using it against many other free tools available in the market.

  1. Multiple content checking with one click

In SEO companies or business organizations, several contents are mailed to the editor’s desk. All the contents are run through an anti-plagiarism checker automatically with a single click. One does not need to select different content individually. All the contents gather to be scanned. With the individual instruction to ‘scan,’ the task continues and finishes. 

  1. Speed

The task of these tools is enormous. They have to compare the phrases of writing with all the writings existing online. Despite that, they can check 1000 words just in a second.

  1. Sophisticated technology used

Online plagiarism checkers such as Copyleaks use sophisticated technologies that include technologies like artificial intelligence and the machine learning system. Hence, the results are accurate in almost 99% of cases.

There are paid services available also. In paid services, the syntactical errors are highlighted and corrected also. The user gets all the services as per their own required customization. 

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