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A grade calculator or a GPA calculator is essential to calculate study grades. It helps to calculate weighted grade calculation for percentage grades and letter grades. People use grade calculators for various reasons. It helps determine the final grades of a course and enables you to choose the right path to earn superior grades.

How to Improve Gradation Method?

In the manual and conventional gradation method, more than one teacher is recruited for the whole process. It ensures an unbiased approach to the gradation process.

The recruitment of two or more examiners for the grading process ensures transparency. However, one cannot deny that the entire manual grading process is both time-consuming and prone to human errors.

On the other hand, when people use online grading software this same task completes in pretty less time, compared to the actual time required. Not just that, since there is an intervention of high-graded sophisticated software, therefore, the chances of human error reduce to a great extent. Thus, making it an alluring device mainly for the examiners as their burden reduces. The students also receive the marks they deserve. Since the chances of human errors are pretty low, people rarely will raise a question against the grading process.

Now, this fact is not just theoretical. In Texas, with an experiment, it has been proved that using high-grade software for paper gradation is far better than using human resources for the entire gradation process. In this research, both human graders and the sophisticated AI-grading grade almost 107 papers. The result that came out clearly showed that the software application was far better and transparent than the human grader. Thus, even in this experiment, the researchers concluded that using a sophisticated software application for the gradation process will improve the entire method of grading a paper. Why? Well, because it is devoid of human errors and it is also more time-effective.

So, universities and other educational institutions can use the automatic paper grader. It will reduce the waiting time for the students and also the burden of the teachers. Now they can spend more time providing appropriate mentoring and guidance to the students for their future growth and development. They are especially beneficial in grading papers of competitive exams, mainly carried out in countries such as India, where the teachers have to check more than three to five lakhs paper within a short time. In such a scenario, the automatic paper grader turns out to be God’s gift or a lifesaver.

GPA Calculator And History of Grading

The GPA calculator uses letter grades and numerical equivalents based on grade points. A, B, C, D, F are the universally accepted letter grades.

The grading system’s history can be traced back to 1785, where Yale University students were graded based on their performance. The numerical method of grading like NO. 1, No. 2, No. 3 was later used in Harvard. Initially, the grading system was arbitrary, subjective, and inconsistent. Therefore, there was a need emerging for a standardized grading system.

In 1887, Mount Holyoke college initiated the letter grades system where A, B, C, D, and E were used. E meant failing grade. This system of grading got immense popularity with time.

Alternative Ways Of Letter Grades

Letter grades, although a popular mode of grading, but generalizes students’ performances. In some schools and universities, letter grades are not accepted, and they believe in promoting overall learning improvement for their students. Students can use the grammar check tool and plagiarism detection tool to improve the quality of their papers.

Sometimes, it is difficult for teachers to grade each student individually. No doubt, it is an arduous job. A grade calculator or online GPA calculator makes things easy for her.

Types of Grade Calculator

Grade calculators are of three types. These are easy grader, average grade calculator, and final grade calculator. Grading standardized tests are conducted in universities.

The grade calculator tool is easy to use, and it is helpful to make a student understand her current class performance. By assessing grades, one can plan to improve his performance throughout her academic career. GPA calculators and Final Grade Calculators are primarily used in schools to determine students’ grades.

How to Use A Grade Calculator?

To calculate grades, one must put the received grades and weights together. The percentage should be positive, and the grades must be a non-negative number. Then it would help if you pressed the compute button and the result is there in front of you.

Grading Scale

The grading scale has both plus and minus grading options. Grades like A+ and B- are pretty complicated. Online test graders are helping during the times of work from home. For educators, the process of grading a paper, essays has become relatively easy.

Why Use Copyleaks Paper Grader?

The AI grading tool of Copyleaks is nothing but an automatic grading solution that helps people grading open-ended questions. The A.I grading tool is beneficial for the written exams of boards, A.P, standardized tests in high volumes. The tool helps read, scrutinize, and ascertain the most unbiased and accurate grades in lesser time.

Copyleaks grading tool is powered by the advanced technology of automatic Artificial Intelligence algorithm that determines the accurate grade in any given language every time.

Final Takeaways

Grading standardized tests are essential. A specific time is allotted for such tests. Lastly, the entire evaluation process becomes easy with a grade calculator. People can use Copyleaks, where grading is done based on an advanced and automated AI algorithm. It offers the most unbiased and accurate grading.

Apart from that, people use Copyleaks’ algorithm and machine learning as a plagiarism detection tool.

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