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Explore opportunities across the globe to join our innovative, highly dynamic team and be a part of our passion for building great things with the latest AI technologies and fulfilling our mission to build digital trust and empower error-free writing.

Who We Are

We’re an award-winning team dedicated to cultivating secure environments that encourage the sharing of ideas and empower authenticity. Each day, the world’s largest businesses and educational institutes and millions of individuals trust our exclusive AI-powered text analysis to identify potential plagiarism and AI-generated content, provide full transparency around responsible AI adoption, ensure error-free writing, and protect IP and copyright.

Gewinner des Codie Award
Inc Best in Business – KI und Daten – 2023
Best in Show-Abzeichen für Technik und Lernen '24
Stevie Award Winner

Our Core Values


We are nimble, solution-oriented, highly dynamic, and passionate about building great things with the latest technologies.  We’re tech-forward, not the guys in suits.


We deliver the most comprehensive, accurate results through a full content suite and provide in-depth content security and authentication.


We care about building positive relationships with our clients, student users, partners, and each other.


We assume positive intent and use direct but uplifting language.


We’re always moving forward, continuously innovating, and engaging with the world around us.


We strive to establish digital trust and support the development of essential&nbspskills.
It's a joy working with people who are laser-focused on a common goal and where you can see everyone's efforts directly impact our customers.

Gavin Philippas, Customer Success Manager


At Copyleaks, We Grow Together

We Believe in DIVERSITY

We believe diversity and inclusion enrich the workplace. When you have people from different backgrounds working together, it fosters unique perspectives and ideas, leading to greater innovation and, quite simply, a better work environment. That’s why we are committed to nurturing a culture where people feel free to be who they truly are.

We Celebrate CULTURE

As a multi-continent-spanning team, we are enriched by learning about and honoring our different cultures and values. We value our team members’ success and growth and never shy away from opportunities to laud success. We fully believe that a happy team is a strong team.

We Thrive with TEAMWORK

Whether we’re working remotely or from one of our offices, a permanent key focus for our team is fully transparent and consistent communication across all departments to ensure excellent synergy within the company.

My time at Copyleaks has been an incredibly rewarding experience. The company culture is one of teamwork, innovation, and continuous learning, and the team is extremely dedicated and supportive. Additionally, the technology behind our products is cutting edge. I highly recommend Copyleaks to anyone looking for a dynamic and fulfilling work experience.

Bayan Abuawad, Development Team Lead


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