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AI Text Generators Are Evolving Quickly,
But We’re Innovating Faster

With the proliferation of technologies like ChatGPT, AI is now creating more and more content in the form of essays, news articles, books, and so much more.

That’s why we developed our AI Content Detector. With 99.12% accuracy, AI Content Detector is the only enterprise solution designed to inform users on whether digital content was written by a human or generated by AI, including ChatGPT.

AI-generated text technology might quickly evolve, but we’re already ahead.

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How the Copyleaks AI Detector Works

Using a “fight fire with fire” approach, our AI Content Detector harnesses the power of AI technology to detect the presence of AI.

With this approach, we can detect content generated by almost any AI text bot, including ChatGPT.

Plus, harnessing AI technology puts you at another advantage: as AI content generators become more sophisticated, so does our technology and your ability to detect AI-generated text.

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AI Content Detection With Full Spectrum Protection

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API Integration

Add a new level of content protection for your business with AI content detection, now part of our API integration. Don’t leave it to chance; check all your content for originality and to find out who wrote it. 
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LMS Integration

Get AI content detection right from your native LMS platform. Along with renowned plagiarism detection, you can now scan essays, dissertations, and more for AI-generated content detection.
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Copyleaks Platform

Along with our signature plagiarism detection, you can now harness the power of the AI Content Detector right from the Copyleaks platform. Simply upload content to scan for originality verification and know within seconds whether a human or bot wrote it.

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AI Content Detection in the Copyleaks Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

The AI Content Detector Chrome extension allows you to take the power of the Copyleaks AI Content Detector with you wherever your internet browsing takes you; verify posts on social media and news articles to reviews on your favorite shopping sites. 

Copyleaks AI Detector Use Cases

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Protect your hard-earned SEO rankings from AI-generated content. According to Google, “content that’s been generated programmatically without producing anything original” goes against their policies. Unfortunately, that means the Google algorithm will read any AI-generated content as spam, resulting in lost rankings.


Uphold academic integrity with Copyleaks AI Content Detection. 

Students, find out if the content you’re citing for research is original or written by an AI text generator before you put it in your essay. 

Teachers, be confident of who wrote those assignments and utilize any case of AI-generated text as a learning opportunity.

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AI-generated text is now showing up in books, articles, and more. Protect your reputation and know who wrote what before you publish it with our AI Content Detection.


Text bots are everywhere now, but they’ve been occupying space on review sites for a while. With our AI Content Detection, you can now guard against false and potentially harmful reviews from an AI copy generator.

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Know Who Wrote It

Get the AI Content Detector Chrome Extension today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

AI text is content created partially or entirely by a text bot or similar software, such as the OpenAI ChatGPT. It has been used to write essays, articles, stories, and more. 

The Copyleaks AI Content Detector reads English, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese, with more languages in the works.

Yes, we will support ChatGPT 4 once it is released, in addition to other AI-based languages and technologies.