Global Data Centers

With the launch of our global data centers, we’ve built an infrastructure that now allows us to deploy Copyleaks across the globe.

To learn more about our Global Data Centers and other Copyleaks features, book a free demo with one of our experts, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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As part of the launch, we’re excited to announce our new .eu Site

Our .eu site has its own data and processing located in Europe. This launch helped us reach our goal of being fully GDPR compliant and fulfill European customer requests of having their data and processing located only in Europe.

With the successful launch of the .eu site, Copyleaks can now meet the demand for new data centers elsewhere in the world.

Our Copyleaks Global Data Centers feature
can be helpful for clients who:

Have regulatory prerequisites, such as GDPR, in Europe or other similar laws in areas such as Singapore, Australia, etc.
A high-volume client that desires its own separate site through Copyleaks.
Any organization wanting their own server.

Global Data Center Options for Government Organizations

We are also excited to share that our new global data centers allow for governments to have one server that they are then able to share.

For example, the Canadian government can request to have one server, dedicated solely to their content and data. However, with their server, the Canadian government can share it with multiple schools and other organizations of their choice within Canada, keeping the data safe, secure, and contained.

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