How to Extract Text from an Image Using the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Feature

Let’s start by explaining what is Optical Character Recognition or better known as OCR?

Optical Character Recognition or Optical Character Reader or simply OCR is the technology involved behind the electronic extraction of text from an image. The text in question could be handwritten, typed, or printed and could be either a scanned document or an image of the document. The OCR technology is able to pull text from an image file and use it as raw text for further usage. 

How does Copyleaks apply the OCR technology to plagiarism detection?

We’ve been working on more ways to help you detect similar text in all kinds of file types. Our latest feature allows you to extract text from an image using OCR.

This is a great feature when you want to scan the text that’s inside an image. So for example, if you found an inspirational quote that’s been created as an image online and you want to see where the quote originated from, this is a great way to cross-reference the text.

For teachers who are looking to submit assignments, you can easily extract text from scanned pages in textbooks, take a photo of a student’s physical assignment, and of course scan in different languages.

Using OCR technology, Copyleaks can easily extract the text from the image and compare it against the internet and databases. Our tool can scan most of the commonly used image types such as jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif, png, and gif. 

How to Use the Extract Text from Image Feature?

Once you have chosen the “Text from Image” option in “New Scan”, you can quickly drag and drop your file or select multiple images from your computer. You can then choose the language of each individual file or set a default language.

Choose the language of the image you want

Once you have uploaded the image and chosen the language, your file will be scanned against the internet and databases to find similar text matches. A new similarity report will be generated that can be downloaded in a matter of seconds.

Try out the new extract text from image feature from Copyleaks today.  

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