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Detect plagiarism, paraphrased content, and similar text using sophisticated Artificial Intelligence
(AI) based algorithms in 100+ languages with our online anti-plagiarism software. 

Our Features

Fast. Accurate. Automated. Copyleaks can compare text online and perform extensive searches
across the internet and various databases to find similar content, present only relevant results,
and help you stay protected against plagiarism.


Copyleaks uses AI to get smarter with every new cheating technique being invented! Copyleaks alerts when “Character Replacement” and “White Ink” cheating methods are being used.


Our software is powered with advanced AI and Machine Learning technology that detects different similarity types including identical, similar and paraphrased text.


We break it down for you. All of the results, similarity matches, statistics, copied sources, original text and much more in one easy-to-read and easily-understandable report.


Nothing is left out. Crosscheck documents against each other, billions and trillions of online sources, licensed private databases, with academic journals and archives that are not public on the internet, and with previously submitted content on Copyleaks (does not provide the original submitter’s content).


Automatically grade thousands of written tests and exams with our AI grading tool. Save hundreds of hours of time with accurate and precise grading technology.


Natively integrate your Learning Management Systems under 30 minutes, with remarkable turnkey flexibility! Have your custom product? Seamlessly integrate your system with our fast & reliable plagiarism API that easily works with our ready-to-use code.


Upload various different text file formats such as PDF, DOC, DOCX, HTML, TXT and many more to scan your text easily.


Scan texts in English, Spanish, French, German, Hindi and 100+ other languages. Scan for text with ideas plagiarized from another language. Using Copyleaks, you can detect plagiarism and similar text in almost any language!


Search the internet for duplicated content with daily, weekly, and monthly scheduled API scans. Easily download and share scan results in a format that suits your needs. Download and save text comparison and scan results as a PDF or choose the URL method to give direct access to your scan result(s) to anybody!


Yes, we can provide product solutions and pricing that are customized to your needs. We can work with you to provide you with a tool that fits your needs and budget.


All your data is safely stored in our cloud, allowing you to hassle-free access it when, where, and how you want. Conveniently let your huge data files process in the background while you spend your time elsewhere.

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Security & Data Safety

Your data’s security and safety is our top priority. Military-grade 256-bit encryption and SSL connection ensures your document content and account is always safe and secure. To add an additional layer of security, Copyleaks is a fully self-service platform, which means only you have control over your account and those you share it with.

Data safety is something we take very seriously. You are the only one who can see the content you submit, which is never exposed to third parties or other users. In addition, the content submitted by you further prohibits others from plagiarizing your work.

Who Do We Cater To?

Academia & Education



What is Copyleaks Anti-Plagiarism Software?

Copyleaks is a comprehensive anti-plagiarism software that can scan documents, raw text, URLs and connect with APIs. Copyright infringement has become a major issue for publishers, web development companies, SEO agencies and more. Alongside this, Academic plagiarism has also hit high rates as it has never been easier for students to find content online to copy and paste to pass off as their own.

How Does Online Plagiarism Software Work?

The plagiarism software detection goes further than just one-to-one identical matches. Copyleaks’ duplicate content finder tool uses sophisticated AI and Machine Learning technology to detect different similarity types including identical, similar, and paraphrased text. It goes beyond checking plagiarism word-for-word and into checking plagiarism meaning-for-meaning. Copyleaks’ anti-plagiarism software is used widely as a paraphrasing tool detector, as well as a duplicate/similar content checker. To be sure that all content is not plagiarised, Copyleaks provides a multi-layered search that includes identical, similar, and paraphrased texts, making it one of the top duplicate content finder tool options out there for a wide range of different sectors.

Copyleaks can check text for plagiarism in English, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, and 100+ other languages. Our duplicate content tool can read the text in nearly all file formats including Microsoft documents, PDFs, and more – check out the different file formats Copyleaks supports here. Scans are done in as little as a few seconds when your content is inputted using our anti-plagiarism online service. From there, you will then receive comprehensive reports that can be shared with students, colleagues, and other team members.

Duplicate Content Finder Tool for Education and Businesses

here are numerous integrations readily available for various Learning Management Systems, such as MoodleCanvasBlackboardBrightspace, and Schoology. If you’re looking for a customized solution, Copyleaks’ open-source API can prove to be helpful in many ways.

All data is safely stored in our cloud using military-grade 256-bit encryption and SSL connection, allowing easy access to users. Results are also easily downloadable and can be shared in numerous formats. If users are looking to forego saving a copy of the scan, a unique URL can be created which can be used to access the scan results.

Copyleaks is one of the best plagiarism software detection tools in the market, with different features and capabilities to fit many businesses and educational needs. Scanning and checking documents for original content just got easier using our anti-plagiarism online service.

In the education world, we understand the importance of academic integrity, therefore, we have a checker for education. It’s crucial that teachers always use a duplicate content checker to check plagiarism online with Copyleaks either through the web-based solution or their LMS to be sure that students didn’t accidentally plagiarize the content.

As a student, it’s important to check that your references are always updated and accurate. The best way to do this is by running your assignment through the Copyleaks checker for students. The Copyleaks plagiarism check runs a comprehensive search against billions of pages on the internet. If you have written on a similar topic in the past, it is a good idea to compare documents with each other using our Duplicate File Finder tool or compare two texts using Copyleaks’ text compare tool.

Focus on Anti-Plagiarism using Copyleaks

If you’re looking for the best free anti-plagiarism online service, Copyleaks offers a trial plan to see how comprehensive this can be for you.

By scanning for plagiarism with Copyleaks, you are ensuring that your content has been checked for any accidental cases of text lifting, and protecting your copyright. Through the API, you will be routinely updated if there are any cases of plagiarism that you should be notified of, so you always know your text is completely original and not being used without permission. Keep plagiarism at bay with Copyleaks.