Canvas LMS: Know Its Pros and Cons

The field of education has witnessed several changes since the introduction of the internet. It is apparent that in the present era, online learning is quite famous. Software developers came with learning management systems like Canvas LMS to streamline the virtual learning process and make it more accessible for all individuals.

What Is Canvas LMS?

The Canvas platform is the most advanced interface present for teaching and learning.

This application is developed to enhance the overall experience of online learning. The LMS platform comes with features that help in information documentation, tracking student’s performance, and grading them. Hence, one can infer that the Canvas software is highly suitable for the comprehensive treatment of learning material.

Canvas is similar to other open-source software applications that are present on the internet. But Canvas has multiple advantageous features that set it apart. With the help of a Cloud-based learning management system, it is easy for both teachers and students to exchange information without worrying about the loss of data.

Visual content is an essential component of virtual learning, and so in online courses offered by Canvas, several helpful tools enable collaboration and virtual learning.

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Benefits of Canvas Learning Management System

Canvas is design in such a way that it helps to facilitate the process of online learning. Several features are there within the Canvas LMS. It ensures that an individual can easily view courses on the platform. Moreover, it also helps them to learn about the prime characteristics of this platform. The extremely helpful aspects of Canvas LMS are as follows:

  • Canvas Commons

The platform has a repository which is known as Canvas Commons. This learning tool is effective for teachers because they can add quizzes and courses for their respective classes. With the help of this tool, it is possible to create and store documents. In simple words, this feature is the best tool for an educator to creating any course module.

Apart from creating a course, this platform also enables data sharing within the institute. Hence, an educator can share the course within all the departments that fall under the jurisdiction of the apex institute.

A new addition to the common feature is EPUB. The EPUB feature is specifically beneficial for the students. It helps them to save the course details in a read-only format with the EPUB reader.

  • Canvas Module Manages Separate Units

Canvas module is present to manage courses into separate units. This aspect is helpful for teachers if they want to add prerequisites for each module in a curriculum. In this way, students will not be able to view the next course until they complete their prerequisites.

  • Students Works Becomes Easy with the Outcome Tool

Student assessment gets simplified with the outcome tool. The outcome tool works in conjunction with the grade stipulation of the educator. Therefore, strict standard regarding students’ performance assessment is maintained with the help of this feature.

  • Interesting Quiz Feature for Making Learning a Fun Activity

Quizzes are present as a learning feature on Canvas. By using the quiz feature, an educator can create a quiz for students. But the quiz does not have to adhere to any specific rules. It can have MCQ questions or ask for descriptive responses from students.

The student who takes the quiz can receive a grade after completing it, or no grade is assigned. It can be time-bound, or the student can complete the quiz at their own pace.

  • Automatic Documentation of the Grades with the Gradebook Tool

Students are graded as per their performance in the given assignments. The grades are imported and exported with the help of the Gradebook feature of Canvas. The student information system integration with the Grade tool that helps in the automatic documentation of grades in CSV files.

The machine learning ability of the Canvas platform supports it to record the routine activities of educators. Therefore, one can complete the assignment giving task with just a few clicks on Canvas.

  • Seamless Integration with Copyleaks

A user-friendly platform is necessary for virtual learning. Canvas elements application is compatible with multiple internet browsers.

Third-party integration is vital for incorporating essential plugins like plagiarism checkers for scanning documents for copied content. The learning tools in the inter-operability function of the Canvas platform helps in the seamless integration of third-party applications with the courses offered through the Canvas LMS platform.

The anti-plagiarism software plugin offered by Copyleaks is seamlessly integrated with Canvas LMS to prevent plagiarism on the LMS platform.

  • Excellent Connectivity

Connectivity is a vital aspect when it comes to virtual education. The uptime of Canvas is 99.99%. There is a dedicated team that ensures that the Canvas platforms remain functional around the clock.

  • Exceptionally Good Customer Support

The customer support of Canvas is offered through email, mobile phone conversation, and live chat. There is also a ticket system for addressing customer grievances. The customer care executive work efficiently round the clock and provide prompt responses for improving the learning experiences and solving any kind of issue that users face on the Canvas platform

Drawbacks of the Canvas Software

The Canvas LMS platform is compatible with all kinds of devices. However, like any other LMS platform, Canvas has its fair share of cons. Some of the well-known problems that have hindered the learning-teaching experience on this platform are:

  • Automatic eraser of assignment when the due date is not set at midnight.
  • Technical problems faced by users in audio recording.
  • Messages of students are not recorded until the teachers provide replies.
  • Unable to deal with more assignments together.
  • Improvement required for the grading tool.

However, rather than treating them as problems present in this system as negative aspects, one can treat them as points that require improvement. Software technology is developing at a rapid pace. So the problems present in the Canvas LMS interface should not take much to get solved.

Free trials of Canvas elements are available for users who want to gather more information about the online learning process followed on this LMS platform. The platform also conducts employee training through training programs for elevating the learning experiences of students.

Online plagiarism checker is also incorporated as a plugin on this platform to detect duplicate content. Hence, the Canvas Learning management system is highly suitable for streamlining virtual education.

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