Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker API

You may have noticed that we recently added many new features and capabilities to our different services, including our Plagiarism Checker API.

Our new and improved API gives you more options than ever before to track and detect your content online.

1. We have created dedicated APIs for the academic world as well as for businesses. Each of the APIs will find out if your content has been plagiarized online using specific databases as well as billions of online pages.

2. The integration process is simpler than ever before using our new SDKs for Python, C#, Java, NodeJS, Ruby, and PHP. The code is ready for you to use and you can immediately integrate your systems with Copyleaks API and check for plagiarism.

3. There is now an option to scan free text for plagiarism as well as URLs and files (local and from the cloud) to make sure all of your content is protected.

4. We added new payment plans so you can choose a plan that perfectly fits your needs.

It is now easier and simpler to integrate with the Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker API  and to follow your organization’s content online distribution. Try it out now for free!  

We are always happy to hear you thoughts and ideas, feel free to contact us.

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