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The beauty of any work or writing depends on its quality and uniqueness. A writer’s primary goal is to reach the reader through their writing, but if a writer ends up using copied content from other writers, it takes away its actual essence. Hence the writer fails to convey their message, failing the purpose of the work. Nowadays, plagiarism is given much importance and is treated as a serious act. Whether intentional or unintentional, all sorts of plagiarism can be harmful to a writer’s career. Hence, before submitting work or publishing the article, one must use plagiarism software to check for plagiarism.

Therefore, whether it is blog content or a school project, having unique and original content is essential. Plagiarism is also an unethical act as it is a form of cheating. It affects the career of the writers, but it impacts the original creator of the content. Most creators value their work, and hence they find plagiarism a violation of their right to the work.

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is often defined as the unethical use of someone else’s work without their permission or passes it off as their own. There are different types of plagiarism. It can also happen that a writer ends up copying the whole thing, called direct plagiarism. It may happen while writing a research paper, school project, or blog.

The writer needs some information from their source material as a supporting comment for their words. For that, they can use parts of writing. But, the writers need to use quotation marks and do proper citation to stay away from plagiarism. It is still a big no to use another writer’s entire content and put it within quotation marks.

Many people have the misconception that copying from the internet does not need a citation. However, whether offline or online, all pre-published articles need a source if another author uses them. For paraphrases, the writer must do citations. Otherwise, it may be considered plagiarism. Plagiarism can be unintentional as well.

The writer may end up misquoting some parts of the quote, which is an instance of misquotation. Accidental plagiarism may also occur for not using quotation marks or not doing citations. Intentional and unintentional plagiarism both are harmful to the career of a writer. Therefore, the writers and students need to use plagiarism software to detect the plagiarised content in their work.

How Can Plagiarism Affect Someone’s Career?

Nowadays, most institutions take plagiarism seriously, considering it as an unethical act. Therefore, there are some severe consequences of plagiarism for the students, bloggers, and writers. Consequently, they need to realize the importance of plagiarism and the dos and don’ts about it before publishing an article.

Most educational institutions consider plagiarism a threat to their academic integrity, and hence they have strict rules against plagiarism. They may suspend the student or give a failing grade if a student submits a plagiarized content.

The educational institutions are also against self-plagiarism; hence they do not accept the same project for two different semesters. Since plagiarism can harm a student’s career, they need to be careful about plagiarism.

For researchers, who are willing to publish their research work, plagiarism can be severely harmful. Their qualifications may get questioned if they publish an article with plagiarism, and they may not get any further chance to publish any other paper.

Plagiarism is also harmful to journalists, and freelance writers as their careers may get affected, earning them a bad reputation. The company or publishing house they work with may have to suffer some consequences.

To fight plagiarism, the author of the original work can take some severe actions. The original author of the writing may take legal steps to fight copyright infringement, resulting in imprisonment or, on most occasions, monetary compensation.

For bloggers, the consequence of plagiarism can be long-lasting; the blog may lose its credibility, and hence the traffic may decrease. For having copied content, they may end up with a lower SEO ranking, and for that, the blog may not appear on the top of the search results.

What Can a Writer Do to Avoid Plagiarism?

There are specific steps the writers can follow to avoid plagiarism. It is always best for all sorts of writing to use their own words and ideas to produce content. The writers can read a lot of different articles about their concerned topic before writing. It gives them a clear view of the subject they are dealing with, and they can break down the topic in terms of questions, which can simplify the matter.

The writers can answer those questions, which makes the whole paper a wholesome and consistent work. If they find any difficulty in establishing their arguments, they can use parts of their source materials.

The writers can take down the valid information about the parts they want to quote to so that they don’t miss them out while doing the citation. While doing the citation, the writers need to be careful as misquoting is also plagiarism.

Once the writer is done with the writing and correctly placed the quotes within quotation marks, they need to do citations. There are different styles of citations like APA style, Chicago style.

The writers need to ensure that they have included all the valid information about the source material, like the name of the work, author, date of publication, page number, and other such things. Finally, the final step is to use plagiarism checker that can find the plagiarized content. It helps the writers to produce plagiarism-free works.

How Does Plagiarism Software Work?

It is effortless to use plagiarism software to find out the duplicate content present in an article. Several online plagiarism tools can find out the copied content within a short span. Before using a plagiarism checker, it is better to use a grammar checker and spell checker to find grammatical and spelling errors. It helps the online plagiarism software to generate a more accurate result.

The writers need to upload the content on the tool and the software scans the content and compares it to other articles available online. The software identifies the copied parts present in work and generates a detailed report with percentages.

The plagiarism software also gives the source article the link to cite them or remove them if they don’t want to do the citation. Thus it becomes straightforward for the students and writers to work on the plagiarised parts to produce plagiarism-free unique content.

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