Copyleaks SEO Duplicate Content Checker Tool

If you work in SEO, checking for duplicate content is a must. With the Copyleaks duplicate content checker for SEO, agencies can compare more than 60 trillion pages and avoid the repercussions of having duplicated content, including diluted ranking potential, loss of search engine authority, and a bad user experience.

Get the peace of mind you’ve earned.

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Does duplicate content hurt SEO?

As an SEO agency, the biggest problem you face is a decrease in web traffic. Duplicate content can primarily cause a drop in impressions and hurt you in the SERP. In addition, duplicating content often leads to manipulating rankings on search engines, such as Google, which uses a specific algorithm to filter original content into their search results. 

If two websites have similar content, one will automatically lose credibility and decrease in rank. Plus, you run the risk of a poor user and client experience, which nobody wants. Copyleaks aims to help you ensure that doesn’t happen. 

With our quick and user-friendly content duplication check for SEO, you can routinely search through billions of pages of content for potential duplicate content in a matter of seconds, protecting hard-earned site rankings, user experience, and your business overall.

If you are concerned about the potential for duplicate content, our SEO checker can find it and give you the data you need to fight it. Whether it’s just a few lines of copy or entirely duplicate pages, Copyleaks can help.

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Features of Duplicate Content Checker for SEO

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Easy API

Keep things simple. Integrate your system with Copyleaks’ open-source API with our ready-to-use code, and perform routine scans with up-to-date and comprehensive results of who may be using your content right from your native platform.

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Scan & Compare
Two Sites

Check for potential plagiarism across an entire site. SiteCompare is a web-based platform that allows you to compare websites for possible instances of copyright and trademark infringement, providing you with a comprehensive breakdown of any potentially plagiarized content.

Physical Content

Does your agency have physical content? With Copyleaks, you’ll be able to scan physical documents thanks to OCR technology. Then, all you need to do is take a quick photo and receive results in as little as a few seconds.

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Upload Multiple
File Formats

There is no need to worry about having multiple file formats because the Copyleaks platform can scan content in various forms, including PDF, doc, HTML, txt, and more.

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Rest easy knowing you’re getting the most comprehensive results. To detect different levels of content duplication, we scan trillions of pages of original content within our database, along with:

  • 16,000+ open-source journals
  • 60 trillion web pages
  • 1M+ internal documents
  • 20+ code data repositories

The Copyleaks Similarity Report

You will get a clear, comprehensive, and fully interactive similarity report for every scan. Plus, after the report is generated, you can still customize it and see only the relevant information, including a side-by-side comparison that shows a full breakdown of identical, similar, and paraphrased text. And don’t forget; you can share the plagiarism findings report with team members, clients, and freelance professionals working with your agency.

Why Copyleaks for your SEO duplicate content checker?

Know with 99.12% accuracy if it was written by a human or an AI chatbot thanks to our AI Content Detector.

We are the only solution that can detect paraphrasing in multiple forms.

We are the only platform that can detect plagiarism in source code.

We’re the only platform that can detect image-based text plagiarism using OCR technology.

Copyleaks is the only platform that can expose attempts to deceive detection software.

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