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Duplicate Content Checker
for SEO Agencies

Our duplicate content detector is an extremely thorough and concise way to check for copies of content around the web. Copyleaks authentication platform has the highest level of technology to routinely search and scan billions of different pages of content online. Compare more than 60 trillion pages on the web, classified journals, password protected sites, and private archives. Preserve your written content and keep it protected with Copyleaks.

Duplicate content can be categorized as a passage of text that is the exact same or very similar and is on more than one webpage. The problem with duplicate content across the web aside from cases of evident plagiarism, is a decrease in traffic and manipulation of rankings on Google. The Google search engine has a specific algorithm to filter through original content and if it believes a webpage to be of duplicate content, it will automatically push it down in the rankings.


Who can use it to detect duplicate content in SEO agency work?

There are many players in the SEO world. It’s important for agencies to run their content from freelancers through a duplicate content scan to check the article written is original. Having an API in place can help you track your content distribution around the web and see who else is sharing your content. Verify that original content is being published for you and your clients to ensure accurate Google rankings.

Editors and content managers for SEO agencies will find great use in Copyleaks for their clients. Working with freelancers, you will want to be sure that all content is original and does not appear elsewhere on the web. This also helps you keep your rankings high to keep your clients happy.

Why is Copyleaks the best duplicate content checker for SEO?

Our API allows original work to be protected with a routine scan to see if others around the web are using it. We provide you with instant results to see where else your content is being used. Get the similar word and percentage results, highlighted passages, and a direct link to the similar content in question.

Our unique algorithm is able to search for exact word matches, paraphrasing, and synonymization in all languages. This ensures that your content is original and will prevent a situation in the future that you or clients won’t be happy with. Our system is able to scan all file formats for an easy to use experience.

Accurate & Shareable

Copyleaks technology has the ability to search the internet far and wide for duplicate content. Choose the content you wish to scan and receive an accurate report for when you choose. Daily, weekly, and monthly scans can be scheduled through our API with as much content as you want.

Upload All File Formats

We are able to conduct a scan for plagiarism on all file formats. Scan content in all file types including pdf, doc, html, txt, and more. Watch the progress of the scan and receive results immediately.

Use on All Devices

It’s easy to see the results of our scan on all of your devices. Upload files to be scanned straight from your devices, and receive results to share with colleagues and freelancers.

Comprehensive Results

Copyleaks technology has the ability to search the internet far and wide for duplicate content. Choose the content you wish to scan and receive an accurate report for when you choose.

Scan Physical Content

Our app is able to scan physical content with OCR technology and find duplicate text. All you need to do is take a quick photo and receive results in as little as a few seconds. This is the perfect feature for editors on-the-go.


Integrate your system with Copyleaks Open-Source API seamlessly with our ready-to-use code in different languages. Routine scans give you up-to-date and comprehensive results of who may be using your content.

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