How AI and Machine Learning Are Used to Detect Plagiarism Online?

With digitalization taking over the current world, technology has seeped into most parts of our society. One of the biggest advantages of this is most day-to-day activities have become easier and less tedious. Among various technologies, one that has gained immense popularity in recent years is the ever-developing artificial intelligence technology. The ability to automate and streamline monotonous tasks is a boon to any organization as it promotes efficiency and productivity. Moreover, with constant research and introduction of new and innovative methods like the online learning AI, there is a lot that this AI technology can provide.

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What Constitutes an AI?

If you have done some research about AI, there is a very good chance that you have come across some unfamiliar terms like neural networks, bias, nodes, etc. These are some of the few common terms used while talking about machine learningor artificial intelligence in general. In fact, the general idea of artificial intelligence is making machines intelligent. In other words, computer scientists implement programs that teach the machine to do a specific task thus, making it intelligent. However, there are a few ways you can create an AI.

Why Use AI?

In today’s world, where efficiency is everything, AI plays a major role in a lot of day-to-day operations. From smart homes to demand analysis, artificial intelligence is used everywhere because of various benefits it provides. These are some benefits that this technology provides.

  1. Accuracy: Most companies while making crucial decisions require a lot of data and report. These reports contain information in the form of financial statements, sales reports, and demand analysis, which need to be accurate. By using AI and machine learning, a company can guarantee that the available data are accurate. Moreover, they can process the report quickly and efficiently.
  2. Forecasting: When it comes to forecasting, there are a lot of calculations to be made. An organization cannot solely rely on human power to predict its future demand. Nevertheless, human power, combined with artificial intelligence, can do this much faster. Nowadays, a majority of companies depend on machine learning technology to forecast demand, track consumer trends, learn customer spending habits, predict stock prices, etc.
  3. Provide Assistance Round the Clock: The customer support is a major part of a company as it is the main point of contact between a customer and the company. However, relying solely on people is not effective as availability becomes a major problem. There can only be limited people in the office, and they cannot manage when there are a lot of incoming calls. For this reason, a lot of organizations integrate chat bot within their website. These chat bots help the users with their queries and is available all the time.
  4. Day-to-Day Applications: The use of artificial intelligence is extended beyond the business to helping with regular household chores. With an AI assistant, you can do almost all the routines that you do manually, which are activities such as setting alarms, maintaining list for groceries, checking flight availability, etc. Moreover, this technology is used in a lot of banking application to prompt payment of bills, analyze your spending behavior, providing recommendations to invest in portfolios, and more.
  5. Promotes Better Utilization of Manpower: Manpower is the greatest resource that any organization has, and it must make sure to utilize it properly. Using such a valuable strength for small and repetitive task is not optimal. Implementing smart machines to do this job is a great alternative and allows the company to focus more resources on much important endeavors.    

AI in Plagiarism Checkers

Plagiarism has been a serious threat for some time around and most writers are scared of their work marked for plagiarism. Though there are ways to detect the problem of similarity in content, the improved and innovative methods that plagiarists use can hardly be prevented by some regular plagiarism checkers available online. These cheats are cleverly designed to break recognizable patterns. This is where AI comes in. Implementing incremental learningin plagiarism checkers will make them smarter every time they scan the text. Some of the features that make these scanners perform better than their older counterparts are:

  • Deep Scanning: Plagiarism checkers integrated with AI technology has the ability to scan not only for the exact content but also find similarities in meaning and in sentence formation. In other words, they assist you in finding content which are paraphrased or re-worded.
  • Cheat Recognition: As we have established above, a plagiarism checker AI is able to search the content for cheats. Some cheats such as including foreign symbols and other unrecognizable characters can easily be identified without any problem using advanced plagiarism checkers, which most schools and universities want to solve copied content issues. They can find out and flag plagiarism.
  • Check for Plagiarisms in Other Languages: Even if you translate content from other languages, it is considered to be an act of plagiarism. To avoid such types of plagiarism, modern tools have a feature, where they allow users to search for content translated from other languages. Before your check your content for any copied text, the tools will prompt you to choose the language to be searched. Here you can specify the language and go ahead with your scan.
  • OCR feature: Optical Character Recognition or OCR for short, is a feature that lets you read characters from pictures and printed documents. This feature is very useful in situations where you need to scan for plagiarism in printed copy of an assignment or academic paper. This feature uses AI to some extent thus, allowing it to read characters from physical documents.

Technology is rapidly developing that there are constant innovations in the field of AI like online learning AI and other methods used prior to it. At this point, it is safe to assume that the field of AI will evolve, and more efficient methods will be invented in the future.

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