LMS Comparison: Schoology vs. Canvas vs. Blackboard

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The LMS software has been there since the 1990s. It helps bridge the training and learning gap and utilizes analytical data at the same time.

Types Of LMS Platform

LMS PlatformDescription
CanvasBoth the educators and students use the best LMS platform and endeavor to make learning and teaching faster. It offers a healthy digital learning environment. Canvas is an open-sourced application based on the cloud. Users can download and use it without charge. They can also create courses as per their need.
BlackboardLMS also offers a feature course management with various student information systems. It permits integration with the authentication protocol and enables the student to create a virtual learning protocol. It is a full-responsive and modern interface that makes the best learning environment. Once the course is uploaded, the registered members can get them in their account.
MoodleMoodle offers online courses to make a structured and personalized learning system. Students here use an integrated and secure approach to make the learning process easy and enjoyable. The Moodle activities help the learners read, view, and listen. Students get feedback on their assignments. They can also participate in forums. Moodle offers courses to teach LMS effectively.
BrightspaceOne of the major LMS platforms is Brightspace. It provides the best tools and an innovative teaching process to create a unique and extraordinary learning experience. Students can self-enroll in various courses. From browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, students can use Brightspace.
SchoologyThe Schoology LMS provides an interactive virtual arena for e-learning classes. It encourages maximum participation. With the help of this LMS, communication becomes easier between teachers and students. A collaborative approach is created over here.

Online learning is a form of distance learning that creates a gap between teachers and students. LMS aims to bridge it and create a better mode of communication.

Copyleaks and LMS

Copyleaks use API based integration to integrate LMS along with plagiarism check and LTI integration. LMS is applied in private schools, public schools, and other educational institutions as a learning and training system. Teachers give assignments, and students submit them through LMS platforms. Copyleaks help detect the educators about plagiarism in education. It has an efficient and smooth grading process.

Copyleaks uses sophisticated AI technology to create enriched and original content. The plagiarism checker marks the duplicate and paraphrased portion.

How to integrate Copyleaks with Canvas

Copyleaks provides various integrations for LMS. This plagiarism checker scans any document and provides the percentage of similarity results and uniqueness. 

If a student wants to integrate their LMS with the Copyleaks account, they have to create their account on Copyleaks. After that, they have to go to https://lti.copyleaks.com/ and log in with their credential.

There they will find the page called “Integrate Copyleaks with your LMS.” Now on this page, you click on the Canvas option and integrate it with your Copyleaks account.

Pros of Copyleaks

  1. It helps to make a thorough and extensive search.

Users can scan their documents and make them plagiarism detected, covering all educational databases, the internet, scientific journals, and research papers.

  1. Copyleaks offers concise and detailed sameness reports.

People can generate a comprehensive report for their assignments, documents, research papers, and journals within a fraction of seconds.

  1. It bears compatibility with multiple devices.

Copyleaks has multiple device compatibility. It integrates with the LMS and other tools.

  1. It is a cloud-based platform.

Anyone can get access to Copyleaks, and it has software to separate the original content from the plagiarised one. The advantage of the cloud-based platform is it does not overload the system you are using.

  1. Copyleaks has bulk data processing.

The plagiarism checker can check bulk data within a short period. It provides adequate concurrent checks of assignments.

  1. Copyleaks offers an API-based system.

LMS uses the API-based system and mechanism to create real-time import and export of data through APIs.

  1. It has a good privacy setup.

Any data people generate end-to-end encrypted is never exposed to any third party and fully secured.

  1. Copyleaks Plagiarism Software is known for its efficiency and speed.

The minimum time is required to scan a document and produce a similarity report before the users. The references and links of citations are there.

The Role Of LMS In Education

In higher education, the Learning Management System is quite popular now. It provides a positive learning and teaching environment for both the pupil and the pedagogues. Educators can share updates with their employees and students. The entire procedure, from giving assignments to submitting them, is conducted online. Copyleaks help detect a plagiarised portion, and there are scopes to edit them. One needs to follow a simple step to detect plagiarism in education.

Features Of LMS Platform

  • LMS is cost-effective and time-saving

LMS creates a better mode of online learning environment compared to the traditional one. Programs can be arranged as per the requirements of the trainees. It is an easily accessible platform and available in various geographical locations.

  • It has a sound management program.

LMS helps an institution and organization to control its administrative power. Through LMS, the administrators can manage their notifications on courses, exams, and classes. The entire procedure becomes straightforward with the advent of LMS, and educators can organize things as per their requirements.

  • LMS provides easy access to all sorts of the necessary information

LMS, through e-learning, enables educators to streamline their resources and to learn content. It helps students to manage their studies effectively.

  • It helps in tracking and reporting students’ performance.

LMS has made the entire process of classroom education easy and effective. The overall accounts of the students can be tracked, monitored, and reported through online modes.


Copyleaks uses machine learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to compare the documents and create an original composition. It uses API, mobile app, and websites to focus on copyright infringement detection. It helps SEO agencies to develop original articles through innovative text analyzing algorithms.

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