How to Avoid Plagiarism in Programming With Codeleaks From Copyleaks?

With programming gaining a lot of significance among students in computer science classes, more and more students join the course only to find it difficult and give up later. Programming in this digital age is found everywhere, and one learns it to develop creative thinking, problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, and more. When more and more students take up coding, there is increase in the number of students who are accused of source code plagiarism. Programming plagiarism is fast becoming a matter of concern for universities, technical evaluators and recruiters.

What is Programming Plagiarism?

Programming or coding is a language still under constant development. Students who are new to it do not have much knowledge about code similarity or plagiarism.  When it comes to other fields, especially academic writing, which requires lots of research and study, plagiarism is often addressed, and various regulations are applied to prevent it. However, programming is relatively a new field and students do not know how to provide appropriate citations when using others’ work. This mostly results in programming plagiarism, which is using a source code created by someone as yours.

When it comes to coursework, most students struggle to do it. Therefore, they are induced to copy source code from the original source to submit their written assignments. When using or copying the code, they are unaware of the citation rules and cause mechanical plagiarism. To avoid it, the teacher or instructor should educate students so that they know what is code similarity or plagiarism.

Collaboration is generally encouraged and accepted in the computer software field. For this reason, most students presume that they can access the “open source”, and use a code as their own, without citing it appropriately.

What Makes Codeleaks Unique As a Code Plagiarism Checker?

Codeleaks distinguishes itself from other code plagiarism detectors in its features. The software supports multiple text files, making it easy for the user to upload the files and check for original content on any device. The copy-paste option enables you to check the content you required easily. The use of the state-of-the-art technology like AI helps Codeleaks run deep search across a wide range of databases for any similarities, and give accurate results. It also highlights the areas in different colors to help you revise them or provide text citations.

One can have the code plagiarism checker accessible from any device like a mobile phone, tablet or laptop and upload multiple files to compare them for any identical content. Once the detection is over, it gives you a detailed report for every code file scanned.

How Does Codeleaks Help Avoid Plagiarism in Coding?

Copyleaks has been successful with its online plagiarism checker helping education and business sectors to effectively check and avoid plagiarism in content posted online. Its specialization in using technology to detect plagiarized content is extended in checking plagiarism in source code using Codeleaks, which is a programming plagiarism detector powered by AI. With this platform, you can find deliberate or mechanical use of somebody’s source code by your students, and avoid any infringement of copyright.

The students who complete assignments send them to the evaluator or lecturer, who can compare multiple documents online using the source code comparison tool, which searches extensively to find any similarities between two or more documents. The software offers advanced features to detect any content theft using a simple file method. It thus flags the areas that are marked for intentional and accidental plagiarism. The free online plagiarism tool supports over 20 computer languages, and is recognized for its distinctive code detection feature.

Students can avoid any types of plagiarism by using Codeleaks, where they can check their work before submission. By running a plagiarism test, they can ensure whether they have used the citations and quotation marks appropriately in case they have used an open source for a source code.

5 Unique Features of Codeleaks That You Should Not Miss

Codeleaks is so designed to offer the following distinguishable features.

  • Search and Compare Codes From a Range of Databases and Online Locations

With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) finding their place in every field, it is quite convenient to use them in handling the problem of duplicate content. Codeleaks uses an AI-based platform to compare different programming languages. The technology helps search databases across the Internet for source code similarity patterns, and provide accurate results.

  • Share Detailed Reports With Others

Codeleaks has the capability to conduct deep search to ensure that the used source code is not matching with any copyrighted code given elsewhere online. The report offers useful statistics regarding the number of words scanned, percentage of copied content, referenced sources, etc. You can share the report with students by sharing the URL through email or SMS.

  • Businesses Can Find Codeleaks Plagiarism Detector Useful

When you develop a computer program or code in business, you need to ensure that it is unique. A lot of effort goes into developing a program and therefore, it is important that it does not infringe copyright. With Codeleaks, you can find similarities among numerous source code files for the software can effectively identify the programming language syntax, as well as the program structure. The software is therefore robust against any attempts to guise similitudes in a plagiarized file.

  • Support Various Programming Languages

You can use Codeleaks to check different programming languages such as C++, Java, Ruby, Python, Visual Basic, C, JavaScript, C#, Go, and Scala and hence, discourage students copying code from open source. Most programmers available online are protected, and therefore, if you borrow a source code, you should cite your sources appropriately to avoid being detected for plagiarism by Codeleaks.

  • Helps Educational Institutions Check Student Papers for Code Plagiarism

When it comes to checking assignments or test papers in a computer science class, teachers or lecturers should protect the academic integrity of the institution by avoiding plagiarism. With Codeleaks, you can check numerous papers quickly keeping the deadlines, while not compromising on the quality.

Codeleaks helps institutions, students, programmers and businesses to stave off any programming plagiarism instances by checking the source code before using it.

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