Codeleaks Code Plagiarism Checker

Comprehensive and fast, the Codeleaks AI-based plagiarism code checker can read multiple code languages, including JAVA, Python, C++, and more.

Whether you’re a corporate enterprise, small business owner, or a computer science teacher, Copyleaks has you covered.

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How Does Our Code Plagiarism Checker Work?

Online code is more likely than ever to be infringed upon and used without proper licenses and permissions.

Utilizing the power of AI, Codeleaks can check the similarity between two codes by comparing the original file with other available files across a plethora of data, submitting them for automated examination, and reviewing the results. 

Simply input the code into the code plagiarism checker, and in minutes, you will know if it has been used elsewhere.

How Codeleaks Plagiarism Checker Protects You

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Check Programming

In a matter of seconds, and with unparalleled accuracy, you can see if the code you use is available and protected. Copyleaks can check code languages including JAVA, Python, C++, Ruby, C, C#, Visual Basic, Javascript, Scala, Go, and more.

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AI and Machine
Learning Technology

Our artificial intelligence-based platform can find similar code patterns online and in databases. It compares source code in various locations to the code in question and can compare different coding languages.

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Download and
Share Reports

Download reports and share them with other team members, students, and more. Reports and results can easily be shared through a URL and emailed to others.

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Protect Your
Source Code

Check that your code isn’t being used elsewhere. Your engineers have worked hard to develop original, open-source code, so be sure that it’s being used correctly and that there are no cases of code copyright infringement.

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Code Plagiarism
in Education

Computer science classes require the creation of new and original code examples at all levels and degrees. Check that students haven’t copied text examples from online with the Codeleaks plagiarism check.

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Clear and Comprehensive

An accurate similarity report is generated for every code scan submitted.

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Get Started With Codeleaks Code Plagiarism Checker

Our code compare tool is designed to accommodate multiple language file types compared to other code plagiarism checkers. As a result, it can operate under different languages and function as a copy-paste checker for code.

Our code similarity checker can be used to check C++, Java, or Python for plagiarism, among other commonly used programming languages.

Comprehensive and fast, Codeleaks goes deep into the web to find if copyrighted code is being used elsewhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whether you have coded a unique part of your website or are looking to create something new, this checker will ensure that all your work is 100% authentic.

The Codeleaks web-based plagiarism checker PHP source code works with over 20 computer languages to detect both accidental and purposeful plagiarism.

When using a python plagiarism checker online tool, you can submit your original file to us for checking. We will compare your original with python files and other code files across the internet. In addition, the code checker will use AI and Machine learning to ensure your code is all 100% original.

Absolutely. To learn more about programming code plagiarism and how Copyleaks helps you prevent it, click here