How to Scan for Plagiarism in Italian

How To Scan For Plagiarism In Italian

Writing content in Italian whether you’re a teacher, student, or writer is always step one of the writing process. Once you have finished writing your text, it’s important to be sure the Italian content is free of plagiarism.

Snap a Pic

Need to check handwritten Italian or a document that is printed as a hard copy? Take a photo using the Copyleaks mobile app to scan for plagiarism immediately. Once your scan is completed, you can easily see the results of all sources that are similar to the Italian text that you have scanned.

Scan from the Document

If your colleagues or students work with Google Docs or Microsoft Word, you can scan for originality straight from the document. Select the text (or the whole doc) and see the comparison results as soon as similar text is found.

After you or another writer has translated a document from Italian to another language, it’s always a good idea to be cautious and check for plagiarism before sending it out or making it live.

Scan Homework for Italian Class

As a foreign language teacher, you hope that your students are writing their own work. When you need to double check that the content is completely original, simple submit a scan of using our plagiarism checker in Italian for the homework assignment (or even 100 at a time) to confirm the content wasn’t lifted from online sources.

Checking for plagiarism is possible in all languages, scan in Italian and all languages with Copyleaks today.

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