The Simplest Ways to Make the Best Of Interactive Learning

The Rise of E-Learning in the Past Decades The last few years have witnessed a paradigm shift in the field of education. Unlike the earlier teacher-centric education system, now the teaching-learning process has become student-centric. Hence a rapid transformation has taken place. The old chalk and talk method have gets replaced by technology, experiments, experiential […]

How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Against Plagiarism in the Education System?

What Is the Importance of an Artificial Intelligence Plagiarism Scanner? Plagiarism scanning is a necessary step to eliminate plagiarized content in dissertations or academic papers. The rise of machine learning has revolutionized the educational field. People are gradually enrolling in virtual programs or online courses for gaining information. The Role of artificial intelligence is quite […]

What are the Types of Online Assessments? What Are Some Tools That Can Help?

Studies show that students’ learning process is governed by certain laws, which support their development. Some prominent ones are readiness, involvement, association, relevance, feedback, challenge, and so on. It is true that both teaching and learning happen in dynamic environments, where students develop positive attitude, acquire and relate new knowledge with prior learning, and use […]

How Plagiarism Impacts LMS Platforms Like Schoology

Online platforms provide the best possible educational interface. Schoology LMS is a well-known learning management system that provides students and teachers with an interactive virtual arena for online classes. Broader participation is possible through the Schoology LMS platform. This platform enables parents, supervisors, and coaches to communicate and conduct classes. A collaborative approach is possible […]

Plagiarism Fixer: How to Fix Your Work to Make It Plagiarism-Free?

A Plagiarism Fixer has become a mandatory step when checking academic papers. Whether the piece of content is a research paper, thesis, or a mere school project, lecturers and teachers prefer to compare texts with a plagiarism checker’s help. Teachers and lecturers check even their created notes just before providing them to the students. In […]

4 Types of Plagiarism and How to Avoid

What is Plagiarism and Ways to Avoid it Types of plagiarism deal with the wrongful copying of the text of another author without mentioning the source. This misrepresentation and copying of a particular text as one’s original writing is a serious offense. The offense of plagiarism can result in punishment as it comes under the […]

How to Prevent and Avoid Plagiarism?

Borrowing is Okay, Copying is not With the introduction of technology and its advancement at the very doorstep of people, it has become relatively more comfortable to get one’s hand on the abundance of research papers and borrow ideas from here and there.  However, in borrowing and copying someone else’s idea, one is committing a […]