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Plagiarizing work in school assignments is something that both teachers and students worry about. Learning why plagiarism happens can help prevent instances in the future. Read on for why it may happen in your classroom.

Lazy Work

Every student has lots of things going on. Multiple classes, after school sports, SAT classes, and of course a social life to keep in motion. Sometimes laziness and procrastination gets the best of you and you realize it’s the night before a major assignment is due with nothing on your open document. Many times students get stressed and desperate and try to cover up their lack of work by taking things either from the internet, books, or even a fellow student’s paper. Just a heads up to students-teachers can recognize when your voice and style suddenly change. It’s a better idea to let your teacher know that you didn’t have time and in turn see if an extension (even with a lower grade) is possible instead of risking failure or a bigger consequence.

The Topic is Not Understood

It’s hard to keep track of every student and if they understand the assignment that has been given. There are always the students who have a dozen follow up questions, but of course there are those that won’t speak unless spoken to. If you are feeling clueless about the assignment, it’s better to sit with your teacher to discuss what you should be researching and then writing about. They will see you are putting in effort and will likely increase your grade for that alone. Remember-questions are free! But if you are quite busy studying simultaneously, a Write my essay service may save your time and focus on the important work points.

Unsure About Referencing

MLA, APA, Chicago, are these metro lines that run in the city of Chicago? Hopefully, by the time students are in high school they understand the importance of referencing but which format for each class and teacher can be really confusing. If it looks like there are quotes missing, a page number and author randomly strewn about, the student may have been more unsure about how to create the works cited rather than actually plagiarized work on purpose.

Students and teachers should always be on the same page about constitutes plagiarism and how to make sure it doesn’t happen. Copyleaks can detect plagiarism and now omits the references for easier use!

Find out what's in your copy.

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