What are the consequences of plagiarism?

consequences of plagiarismThe consequences of plagiarism are broad and range from expulsion in school or fired from a job to an apology and redoing an assignment. The procedures set in place for the institution will be the guide of what to do in the case of plagiarism. When this happens there are a few different options of how this case will be handled.

The concept of plagiarism is not a new one, but the ease and simplicity of how it is done has increased the number of cases that are found in different areas. With access to the internet, anyone can easily copy and paste text and insert it into their document as if it is their own writing.


In the academic world plagiarism is something that educators across the board take seriously. While it is a teacher’s responsibility to teach the concept to students at a younger age, it normally doesn’t affect students until they are older.
High school, college, and post-graduate degrees all have varying levels of consequences according to the amount of plagiarism that has been found. Sometimes if a teacher finds unintentional plagiarism in a paper like missing quotes or incorrect citations, they will let the student know to fix it, or only take a few points off the grade. Other teachers or professors will immediately give the paper a failing grade, or fail the course. Some protocols call for expulsion if blatant plagiarism has been found and the student is in a more senior year or a postgraduate student. Students seeking PhDs can be banned from studying elsewhere if plagiarism is found in their thesis.


Discovering plagiarism in the business world is less common, but more severe actions can be taken depending on the case. Within specific industries well known works can go around and be copied without citing the original source.
This is where problems arise and it is easy to find cases of plagiarism. Companies that invest money in writing content such as publications, marketing agencies, and online journals should routinely check for duplicate content.
Having online content with copied content from other sites affects your Google ranking and how you are indexed in the results page.

News Reporting

Journalists and writers top priority is that their written work is authentic and factual. When they are using outside sources, they need to be sure the information is correct. It is sometimes a difficult task to feel confident that the information they are using is a trustworthy one. When there are instances of unethical journalism or copying texts, the journalist is likely to be fired on account of plagiarizing. It is imperative that reporters always check their sources.

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