Plagiarism Checker
for Publishers

The landscape of traditional publishing is changing and all kinds of companies have the ability to produce and publish content. Our plagiarism checker for publishers is the most thorough and accurate way to protect published work online. Copyleaks authentication platform’s advanced technology is able to scan through billions of pages of content and databases to compare to your published work. Evidence of duplicate content across the web is able to be detected and found immediately.

We conduct a deep comparison search including 60 trillion pages on the web, academic journals, password protected sites, and private archives. Keep the content you have worked hard to write, edit, and publish protected.


Who can use it to detect plagiarism in published work?

The publishing industry encompasses many players including traditional publishers, online content creators, editors, literary agencies, manuscript editors, scientific and medical journals, and many more.

Our plagiarism checker for publishers is also for editors who need to verify that submitted articles and manuscripts are completely original before publishing them. Bloggers who rely on their unique content for traffic can also monitor the distribution of their content. Our plagiarism checker for publishers is the perfect tool to confirm there is not duplicate content online.

Why is Copyleaks the best plagiarism checker for publishers?

Our API-based software easily integrates with your system to scan content that is available online. Publishers can protect their authors’ work and feel sure that traffic won’t be traveling to competitor webpages. Publishers of manuscripts, ebooks, scientific and medical journals, and literary agencies can prevent major copyright lifting issues with our plagiarism detector.

Compare published work against various documents around the web and see the similar content report instantly. Easily see the results of similar content with an exact website URL, number of words and percentage, and highlighted passages. Our API allows original work to be protected with a routine scan.

Multiple Languages

Our technology has the ability to scan files and URLs for plagiarism in all unicode languages. This includes asian character languages. This a great option for foreign language teachers that are looking to grade assignments in multiple languages.

Different File Formats

Various file formats are able to be scanned for plagiarism. File types include pdf, doc, html, txt, and more. Documents are scanned in a simple process and watch the progress of the scan.

Accessible from all devices

Easily check for scan results from any device. Upload files stored on your device to be scanned for plagiarism.

Comprehensive Results

Copyleaks technology has the ability to search the internet far and wide for duplicate content. Choose the content you wish to scan and receive an accurate report for when you choose. Daily, weekly, and monthly scans can be scheduled through our API with as much content as you want.

Physical content support

Our OCR technology has the ability to scan physical content for plagiarism. Simply take a photo of any written content and immediately receive a report about any similar content on the web. This is perfect plagiarism checker for professors that receive hard copies of assignments.


Seamlessly integrate your system with Copyleaks Open-Source API that can easily work with our ready-to-use code in different languages. Our frequent scans provide with accurate results of who may be using your content.

Check your content for plagiarism with Copyleaks today