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Plagiarism Checker for Publishers

Our plagiarism checker for publishers offers you the most accurate way of checking your content and protecting published work from plagiarism.

That’s because Copyleaks allows you to quickly but thoroughly scan for plagiarized content across millions of web pages and content within our extensive databases.

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Detect Plagiarism In Published Work

The publishing industry is more than just publishing houses. It also consists of independent press, content creators, online content publishers, editors, literary agencies, writing services, and manuscript editors, just to name a few.


That’s why our plagiarism checker for publishers is designed not only to be used by publication houses but by everyone in the publishing world.

Copyleaks offers an API-based software that can quickly and efficiently integrate with your platform to scan millions of available content, helping protect original work. You can also compare published work against the vast data available on the internet. If any similarities are found, we provide you with a thorough report, including the exact website URL, percentage of similarity, highlighted passages, and more.


So whether you’re an editor, an independent online publisher, a scientific journalist, a researcher, a blogger, or an online content creator, we’ve got you covered.

Why Copyleaks

The Copyleaks Advantage


Detect Article Plagiarism

Limit the liability and exposure to editors and contributing reporters submitting partially plagiarized articles.


Piracy Protection

Detect and view results that help you take action on unauthorized third-party websites plagiarizing your original content and monetizing it.


Brand Integrity

Protect your brand reputation and give advertisers confidence in placing ads with you and your original content.

Comprehensive Reports

Experience how Copyleaks’ SmartTextTM technology can help detect unoriginal content, with a complete, comprehensive report of similar text sources for accurate side-by-side comparison in our VisualTM report.

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