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Moodle is currently one of the most popular, secure e-learning platforms trusted by thousands of educators, administrators, and learners. With the advances of technology, the popularity of online learning or personalized computer-based learning is rapidly increasing. To provide a better quality service, Moodle allows several commercial plug-ins that can help to detect plagiarized content. Copyleaks Moodle plagiarism checker efficiently helps the Moodle users thoroughly scan for plagiarism directly from the Moodle Platform. The Copyleaks for Moodle plug-in can be used easily by installing a plug-in of Copyleaks to their current Moodle System. The Copyleaks Moodle LMS will competently scan the document to generate a report on the submitted article’s originality. It can check for similar, precisely the same, or paraphrased content from different file formats. The user can get a detailed report about the copied content, percentage plagiarism, etc. along with the result link.

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This can scan all contents efficiently and effectively to generate a detailed report. This makes it one of the best and most trusted Moodle anti-plagiarism plug-ins, which makes it an excellent tool for educational institutions and for students as well. The detailed report generated includes the percentage of plagiarism, which lets an educator understand if the content is authentic or duplicate. It works in multiple languages, which benefits educators from different parts of the world. Copyleaks Moodle plug-in can be seamlessly and effectively integrated within your current Moodle system so that you don’t need to leave the platform.

The features of the Moodle plagiarism plug-in has all the best features of our API including –

  1. Detect Paraphrased content: It has the feature to detect the paraphrased content present in a paper or assignment. Many students, instead of using the exact lines from a text, paraphrase it. Our Moodle Plagiarism plug-in scans thoroughly to identify the paraphrased contents as well.
  2. Full Reports on Similar Contents: It scans thoroughly to generate a detailed report about the content. It also mentions the percentage of similarity of the content and also identifies similar contents.
  3. Supports more than 100 Languages: Copyleaks Moodle plug-in supports more than 100 languages. It enables educators to check the contents written in various languages. Hence, it has been popular with educators worldwide.
  4. Accepts various format: Our Copyleaks Moodle LMS works for different file formats, which makes it widely acceptable and efficient.
  5. Fast and effective: Copyleaks Moodle plagiarism checker is extremely fast and works efficiently. It scans instantly to generate the report. After examining your document, the plug-in will produce an accurate result in identifying its similarity with other contents.
  6. Seamless integration: Our Moodle Plugin can be seamlessly integrated, and you will not need to leave the platform.

Moodle plagiarism checker is exactly apt for teachers. The teachers and professors can easily organize their work by taking the files submitted by the students and arrange them in folders. The teacher can also choose the grade option and use the Moodle plagiarism checker. It will help them to ensure that the student’s work is unique, devoid of plagiarized or copied content.

The salient features of Copyleaks Canvas LMS are:

  • Accurate, efficient, and reliable plagiarism detection: After checking the submitted paper for plagiarism, we generate a detailed report of existing plagiarism. It gives a review of all matching sources, references, and plagiarism statistics. All suspicious segments are highlighted, and reports are available for download in PDF format.
  • Multiple-language supported: Copyleaks Canvas LMS supports multiple languages. It allows one to enter documents in different languages and runs searches efficiently.
  • Various file formats accepted: Various file formats like pdf, .doc, etc. are recognized, enhancing the ease of plagiarism check.
  • Percentage of plagiarism reported: Plagiarism checkers provide a detailed account of the plagiarism present and give a report of how much plagiarism is present. This helps to understand how much of the text one has to change.

How Does Copyleaks Moodle LMS Detect Plagiarism?

Moodle is an online learning management system that provides educators and students with the option to access the platform through their academy. The teachers and professors can create their own course and collect assignments and projects online from the students as per the course syllabus. Moodle helps educators to keep track of the courses, all in one place.
Moodle, the open-source education platform allows different plug-ins like Copyleaks Moodle Plagiarism checker to check the presence of any plagiarised contents in the projects submitted by the students, without installing any other software. To check for plagiarism in Moodle, the user needs to install a Plagiarism plug-in like Copyleaks and integrate it into the current Moodle system. Once integrated, the plug-in will check for plagiarism. The plug-ins generate a detailed report after scanning the papers of the students.

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What is Moodle LMS?

Technological advances have allowed students to learn from scholars and master educators from different parts of the world. A LMS or “Learning Management System” is a platform that helps everyone, starting from the educators, to the professionals in the workplaces, and even the students to access different features for updates, announcements to specific people, notice, etc. Many educators use this platform to assign works that will later be submitted and graded using this LMS. LMS allows Plug-ins like Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker to integrate with their systems that make the gradation system faster and efficient. The teachers can use these plagiarism plug-ins to identify the plagiarised contents present in the papers submitted by the students. This procedure is much accurate and less time-consuming.

Other LMS Platforms we support

Our plagiarism checker also supports other LMS platforms like Brightspace, Canvas, Blackboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, definitely the individual educators can use Copyleaks to check for duplicate content in an assignment. They will just have to create an account with us, and scan the assignments that they have with them, to check whether they are unique or not. The plagiarism checker will scan the papers of the students to generate the report.
Copyleaks can be effectively used to check for more than 100 languages. Hence, it is trusted by educators worldwide.
We effectively scan files of different formats that starting from the PDF, ePub to the word documents. You can even click picture and upload it for checking plagiarism, and it will generate a detailed result and similarity percentage.
Copyleaks Moodle plagiarism checker is widely trusted by the teachers and educators worldwide. Its different features and accuracy make it one of the best Moodle Plug-ins for the students and the teachers.
Besides Moodle, Copyleaks Plugin can be used for other LMS like Brightspace, Canvas, Blackboard.
Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker can scan to check and find paraphrased contents and generate a detailed result with a similarity percentage.

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