Cross-Language Plagiarism Detection

More flexibility. More languages. More results.

A first-of-its-kind innovation that allows you to scan and compare content for potential plagiarism across 30 different languages, more than any other platform, with additional languages added regularly.

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Plagiarism is rapidly changing.
We’re innovating faster.

Whether you’re a cross-continental enterprise or a small business owner, the Copyleaks Cross-Language Plagiarism Detection evolves your content with the ever-changing technology landscape and helps avoid a new form of potential plagiarism:  cross-language plagiarism. 

With the proliferation of online translators, new forms of plagiarism have emerged. The most common form seen today is cross-language plagiarism, where the source content is in a different language while the plagiarized content is in another.  

It’s plagiarizing by way of translation, utilizing online translators.

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Cross-Language Detection
right at your fingertips.

With simple integration, Cross-Language Plagiarism Detection is built into the Copyleaks platform you’re familiar with.

Perform a cross-language scan in any uploaded document, whether a PDF, Docx, HTML, txt, or almost any other type of file.

Check for potential Cross-Language plagiarism across 30 languages.

Upload a document in English and find plagiarism matches in Chinese and Spanish, or a document in Italian and uncover matches in German and Portuguese. And with every scan, you’re getting more results. That’s because each scan compares against content within the Copyleaks database plus trillions of internet pages.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Cross-language translation works by scanning for similar content in other languages in addition to the language of your original document. This enables you to scan for results in over 30 languages from which content may have been taken. For example, a document in English can be scanned to see if it matches results translated from another language, such as Spanish.

When starting a scan, you can specify the additional language in which you would like to scan for results.

Note that the document you are scanning must be in one of the following 9 languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. A scan alert will appear if you choose a language we don’t support to cross-translate.

How many credits will it cost when scanning in multiple languages?

  • A scan of just English to English results will cost 1 credit.
  • A scan of English to English and Spanish results will cost 2 credits.
  • A scan of English to English, Spanish, and French results will cost 3 credits, and so on.

While the average time for a scan is about 60 seconds, scans that include additional languages will take about 90-120 seconds. Please note the length and similarity percentage can affect these times.

The language that comprises most of the document will be the language checked. For example, we will scan the English if the document has 200 words in English and 50 in French.

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