Your Guide to Copyright Laws in India

Copyright is the legal right of the owner regarding intellectual property. In simpler terms, copyright provides the right to copy. Only those people can reuse the products to whom the original creators provide the individual right to reproduce the original material and give authorization. Copyright laws do not safeguard the ideas but express them. Indian […]

Stay Away From Brand Reputation Damages Due to Plagiarism

The Effect of Plagiarism on Brand Reputation In today’s world, most brands are prominent online. The virtual presence of a brand is vital to ensure maximum engagement of customers. Brands are built online by preparing websites, social pages, and blogs. Content is a necessary aspect for a brand that seeks to establish itself online. Brand […]

Plagiarism in Movies: A Behind-the-Camera Story

Many filmmakers plagiarize content from others but try to alleviate the plagiarism cases by terming the similarity as an inspiration. However, direct plagiarism, like word-to-word lifting or complete replication of scenes, cannot be regarded as original work. Many films have committed plagiarism in movies from a variety of different sources. However, in the case of […]

Plagiarism in Music: Notable Cases Throughout History

Plagiarism in music, though nothing new even in the field of performing arts, has few distinct divisions: Copying of the melody of the original composer and using it in someone’s original work. Using portions of a melody and incorporating it to make a new one. Unauthorized use of lyrics. Intentional copying of musical ideas or […]

Social Media Copyright: How Does It Work in the Online World?

Social media is highly prevalent in the present scenario. The virtual platform is teeming with users sharing music, images, and videos through their social accounts. Creative work is often shared on social media to gain attention. Social media copyright usually takes a backseat because the number of likes and followers has become quite important in […]

Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement: Are They the Same

The Implication of Plagiarism Avoiding plagiarism is essential for academic scholars and professional writers. Plagiarism and copyright infringement are often considered synonymous. However, there is a difference between these two terms. It is essential to know the meaning of plagiarism in the academic context to differentiate it from copyright infringement. Plagiarism is taking credit for […]

How to Protect Your Intellectual Property with Copyright

Using Plagiarism Checker for Protecting Contents Copyright means a person’s right to his original work for a number of years so that other people can’t copy or publish that particular thing. Plagiarism has become a very common problem these days. It’s messing up with the creative writer’s bright future. The term ‘intellectual property’ applies to […]