The Simplest Ways to Make the Best Of Interactive Learning

The Rise of E-Learning in the Past Decades The last few years have witnessed a paradigm shift in the field of education. Unlike the earlier teacher-centric education system, now the teaching-learning process has become student-centric. Hence a rapid transformation has taken place. The old chalk and talk method have gets replaced by technology, experiments, experiential […]

How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Against Plagiarism in the Education System?

What Is the Importance of an Artificial Intelligence Plagiarism Scanner? Plagiarism scanning is a necessary step to eliminate plagiarized content in dissertations or academic papers. The rise of machine learning has revolutionized the educational field. People are gradually enrolling in virtual programs or online courses for gaining information. The Role of artificial intelligence is quite […]

K12 Education: Taking the Academics to A Whole New Level

K12 Education: Know the Pros and Cons of the System Starting from kindergarten to class 12 traditional learning has encouraged the students to be a part of the setup call school. However, the mode of learning is changing. Moreover, the pandemic has clarified that depending on the online mode of studying can be more helpful […]

Five Big Trends in Education Everyone Should Know 2021

Online learning and technological involvement in education have gained popularity in the last few years. However, the pandemic has pointed out the prominent and current trends in education. As social distancing has become essential, educational institutions are concentrating on taking classes using different online platforms. This trend has utterly changed some traditional ideas about education. […]

The Evolution of the Hybrid Learning Model

Introduction of Hybrid Learning Model The hybrid learning model has become the new norm with the rise of technological up-gradation. The new generation schools are adopting this particular teaching method as they shift from the traditional classroom environment. With a technological boom, learning at home has become quite popular since the past half-century. Distance learning […]

How Online Learning Helps Students as Well as Teachers

Online learning has become the new normal now. Many people had speculated the popularization of online classes when the internet became a household name. Since the last year, due to the pandemic, online classes have become a compulsion as well as the only option to keep the learning going on. From Google Meet to Zoom […]

How Plagiarism Impacts LMS Platforms Like Schoology

Online platforms provide the best possible educational interface. Schoology LMS is a well-known learning management system that provides students and teachers with an interactive virtual arena for online classes. Broader participation is possible through the Schoology LMS platform. This platform enables parents, supervisors, and coaches to communicate and conduct classes. A collaborative approach is possible […]

4 Tips for an Effortless Switch to Online Learning

Perhaps the biggest challenge that both the teachers and students face is transforming physical schooling into an online mode. This paradigm shift caught all off guard. However, thanks to technological advancement, online learning became possible for students. Education can never take a backseat. The educational institutions stepped forward with all possible measures when the future […]

Virtual Learning and a New Age in Academic Ideals and Processes

How is Virtual Learning affecting the Academic Ideals and Processes in the New Digital Learning Age? Virtual learning is not a new concept. Since the 1800s, distance learning was used to provide quality education for those who wanted to expand their knowledge. Through radios, television, and mails, people worldwide found resources when their location or […]