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Comparing documents against one another is useful for many different situations. Whether in your own notes, student work, or reports you’re working on for business purposes, these are only a few ways the Copyleaks free compare text tool will be helpful.

Plagiarism and Comparison Tool:

Plagiarism in education has become a concern for most education institutes and colleges. As the curriculum includes paper writing, the student may get caught using copied content in their writing. 

It is when a comparison tool comes in handy for both the teachers and the students. Apart from teachers and students, bloggers, journalists, writers, and researchers also use comparison tools to avoid having any copied content in their work.

Comparison Tool in School:

When students work on a school project, one needs to ensure that they are using their own words rather than copying them from your reference material. Plagiarism is harmful to a student’s career. They need to be careful. You may feel the need to use parts of your source material in your work. 

For that, you need to do a proper citation while mentioning valid information like the name of the work, author, publication, page number, and more to avoid any charges of plagiarism.

It may also happen that if students mistakenly copied some parts without citation. Students can solve this issue by using a text comparison tool to compare text files. Writers can easily upload the two documents to check the similar parts and have complete assurance about not using a copied content.

To prevent plagiarism, they can check for plagiarism by comparing two text files. The tool finds out the copied parts so that the users can remove them. It also helps them to give proper credits to the writer of the original content. For best results, they should use Copyleaks plagiarism checker. Copyleaks plagiarism reports come with the plagiarism percentage. It helps the user to understand the originality of their content.

Comparison Tool for Projects and Research Papers

It is natural for teachers to use PowerPoint presentations as tools of teaching. They often forward those slides or PDFs to the students for a better understanding. The student who is working on a related topic may end up with similar content from their notes. 

The teacher can easily find out that part. Now, the student may get into trouble for using plagiarized content. The student may have done the same unwillingly, but this can put them in danger. Therefore the student can compare pdfs of their study notes taken from the teacher and their paper side by side to check for copied content.

The same goes for the researchers. A researcher is reading a lot of resources and documenting their thoughts and ideas. It may happen that they mistakenly end up with a copied content. Therefore, the researcher must keep track of the reference materials they are using for their paper. Before submitting their research paper, they should also check their content for similarity with the reference work.


Student Work

When teachers assign essays and final reports, they are always hoping for the most authentic and honest version of work their students could produce. When you need to compare student assignments against one another to be sure there was no copying or foul play, this is the ideal tool to save you time.

Notes from Class

Most professors are teaching for a few hours every week with lesson plans to explain each topic thoroughly. Many of these lessons are accompanied by power point presentations and lots of different notes that are either projected in front of the class or are later sent through an email. It’s important to check that students didn’t (even accidentally) keep portions of the written notes in their assignment.

Specific Sources & Self-Plagiarizing

Comparing text documents against one another is also very helpful when you want to be sure you identify the quotes correctly. Instead of scanning manually through possibly hundreds of pages of each document, you’ll see the similar parts in highlighting to easily identify if your content is written as you would like. This is also very helpful if you need to avoid self-plagiarizing or are referencing content you have previously written.

Comparing documents against one another is useful for so many scenarios involving original writing. The Copyleaks free tool is perfect for when you need to compare text quickly. We want to know-how do you use the comparison tool? Try the compare docs tool for free here.


How to compare?

Comparing two documents side by side is effortless with the help of the Copyleaks similarity checker. Writers can follow these easy steps to start with the comparison checker tool. One needs to open the text compare tool and then upload the two files or documents you want to compare.

Soon after the uploading process finishes, you can click on the compare button to initiate the process of comparing between the two documents.

The tool judges the similarity between the two documents while considering the similar parts, phrases, and meanings.

The process is completed, and the user can download a similarity report with comparison results and percentages. You can also share the URL with your peer if you want.


1.What is a comparison tool?

A comparison tool is software that allows a user to compare two documents, files,  side by side. The comparison tool can find out the copied parts whenever the users run a paper. Hence, they are also helpful in preventing plagiarism. These tools mainly identify three types of similarities present in two texts:

  • Identical texts or phrases
  • Almost similar texts with a few changes in them.
  • Similar texts with synonymous words.
  1. Is it possible to share the comparison report with others?

The user can easily share the comparison report with others. The user can click on the top right-hand corner of the report after they have it. Then there is an option to download it as a PDF. They can also share it by clicking on the share icon from where they can copy the URL of the content. Then they can attach the URL with email and send it via other message sending services.

  1. Is it possible to share the comparison?

The user can easily share the comparison with the help of the Copyleaks Tool. They can download the report as a PDF or share the URL of the similarity report with their peers or professors.

  1. What do comparison tool reports include?

The comparison tool report identifies the similar parts between the two documents. The report includes the percent of similarity between the two files or pdfs as well. The tool generates a similarity score that gives the user an idea about the copied content present. However, it is only the percentage of duplicate content and not an assessment of plagiarism.

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