Can You Really Detect Paraphrased Content?

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Content writing is a work category that rose to climax with an exponential rise in online platforms. Content writers are individual authors, companies, or groups of writers who deliver content writing services such as web content, blog writings, white papers, research articles, marketing materials, proofreading, rewriting, and infographic content, social media content. Product descriptions, copywriting, press releases, and many more.

From this comprehensive list, one can easily compare the significance of writing on online platforms. Website owners upload thousands of word content on the internet every day. Many writers create content on the same niche and there can be greater chances of content matching. This accidental or intentional content matching comes under the head ‘Plagiarism,’ which is not at all acceptable.

How can a writer know that his sentences bear close matching with someone else?

In the age of technology and advancement, the writers should no more be worried. Today, we have a range of Al Paraphrasing tools that remove plagiarism by changing words, synonyms, phrases, and sometimes entire sentences and structure. Learn more about the different types of plagiarism here.

Writers usually love Paraphrasing Tool to enhance their writing structure and to make their content unique. They simply copy-paste their article in a paraphrasing tool that immediately converts the plagiarized article into a fresh one.

In the field of writing, the term plagiarism is not new. The professionals from all fields need writing tasks in one form or the other. Either they outsource the required work or create it themselves, put it in a Paraphraser, and receive back fresh and unique content, usually free of grammatical errors, 100% original, and ready to publish.

In this article, we will discuss what plagiarism is and can our plagiarism checker really detect paraphrased Content? We will check this using real-time testing (including screenshots).

Before we have a hands-on test, let’s learn what plagiarism, and does paraphrasing tools are capable of removing this plagiarism.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism means copying one’s content from his source and presenting it as your own. During research on a particular topic, some people pick original content and paste it on their own as if they have composed it. In online platforms, it takes a minute to detect plagiarism and the source from where the content was picked.

Though students or other academic writers and bloggers complete their assignments and research papers this way, they fail to produce uniqueness and present new ideas. Such an assignment cannot score high grades for you and prevents your creative capabilities to flourish. So, plagiarism has been banned, and there is no slight tolerance to accept it.

However, Paraphrasing Tools can be helpful sometimes to remove plagiarism but remember, the paraphrased Content is still coming in plagiarized content and is known as Paraphrasing plagiarism.

However, this is totally avoidable. Learn how to avoid plagiarism.

How our Plagiarism Checker detects paraphrased content?

Copyleaks is an Al-based tool that accurately checks plagiarism. It can also compare text online and carry out deep searches online. It presents accurate results and protects the users from the nuisance of plagiarism.

We have designed this tool for content writers, law firms, marketing agencies, students, teachers, and bloggers. Many organizations depend on this reliable tool to carry out online searches to compare and analyze already composed content with similar search results.

Some Unique Features of Copyleaks

  • The company staff members and business professionals use Copyleaks’ text compare tool to compare and detect plagiarized text files and images in various file formats such as doc, pdf, HTML, ppt, gif, png, and ODP. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies (integrated in our tool) help employees identify paraphrased and rephrased sentences.
  • Another unique feature of Copyleaks is that its automated grading tool stands for great help to educators who can easily read, analyze, and determine grades for open-ended examinations, thus annihilating the human base in assessment checking criterion. It allows users to scan and assess documents in various languages, like Hindi, French, English German, Spanish, etc.
  • We offer APIs that lets businesses integrate the platform with many third-party solutions, such as Blackboard, Canvas, MS-Word, Brightspace, and Moodle.
  • It is a multi-layered tool with extensive search capabilities.
  • This automated grading tool creates grades of thousands of written tests and exams with 100% accuracy. It is the best tool to save you tons of time to check and mark hundreds to thousands of written assignments.

How Does Copyleaks Detect Plagiarism?

We copied some sentences from a website that is plagiarized and used a ranked Paraphrasing Tool to make it unique.

Later, we copied the paraphrased content and use Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker to check its originality.

The screenshot below shows the result. The Copyleaks readily detects the plagiarism, as well as the source from where the original text was copied.

Whether the content is directly copied or it’s paraphrased, our AI-based plagiarism checker is efficient enough to detect it.


Hope you have got a better idea of how efficient copyleaks works for plagiarism. After studying different tools, their features, and working criterion, you can better decide which software you should use as per the requirements and specifications of your writing.

Remember, not all plagiarism checkers are efficient in detecting the paraphrased content. Only consult those tools that work efficiently on your content finds its originality, as well as finds the source.

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