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How to Write a Formal Email?

In this present era, emails are the most crucial communication methods, especially if someone is working in an office or one can say in the professional field. Although many offices today are moving towards casual email writings, yet the change is not that massive. Hence, writing a formal email is still a tradition in many places Formal emails are different from the casual ones; hence the email greetings are quite different in both cases. While in casual emails, one can start the mail with salutations, such as “Hello Students,” or “Hey James,” in, formal emails a person has to be more careful.

Most of the email greetings in formal emails start differently. For example, if the email is addressed to a group of people, say to a group of students. The salutation will be, “Dear students.” Similarly, suppose the email is addressed to a person whose name is known to the sender. In that case, the email greeting will be something like, “Dear Mr. Jones,” or, “Dear Professor Carlson.”

Suppose the sender does not know the recipient’s name. In that case, the salutation will be something like, “Dear Managing Director,” or “Dear Chief Financial Officer.” Well, if the sender is not even aware of the designation, then they can also start their email with, “To whom it may concern.” 

  • How to write an email: the beginning, middle, and the end

After email greetings are over now, it’s time to start writing the email. Since it is a formal mail, the sender should introduce himself/herself. The introduction should make a good impression on the recipient. After the introduction comes the body email. 

The email body should elaborate on the cause of writing the mail; however, things should not be very long. Instead, it should be crisp and short, yet unique and informative. Remember, no one likes to read a copy of someone else’s email, especially in the professional arena. On some tiny things, a person’s future depends.

Finally, the closing of the email can create a lasting impression on the one reading the mail. Hence, be careful while crafting it. 

In the end, remind the recipient about oneself once more. Thus, the email should close with the sender’s name, contact information, and designation (if required). If required, the sender can also send their signature with the email.

An example of it would be:


Mathew Smith

HR Manager, XYZ Company

Email Address

Phone Number”

  • Don’t Forget About the Subject Line

While wondering about how to start an email, never forget the subject line. The subject line quickly catches the eyes of the recipient. So, they are crucial. Experts believe that a perfect subject line should not be more than six to ten words. However, within those few words, it should convey the exact message to the readers.

Thus, none can deny in a formal being unique and original is a vital thing. One has to be unique to stand out in a crowd. Therefore, in no way, plagiarism is encouraged in a standard formal email. It right away diminishes the dignity, and the sincerity of the email, at times, putting the life and the future of the one writing the mail, in danger.

Minor errors can lead to plagiarism in a paper. Proper citation is vital to ensure that due credit is given to referenced authors. It is essential to know the citation style prescribed by the academic institute to cite a source correctly.

A single citation style is followed for a paper. Citing sources in the wrong style is also regarded as plagiarism. Hence, it is sensible to check the works cited page thoroughly for errors and missing citations.

Why Is Grammar Checking Essential?

Grammar checking is also essential. A research paper with grammatical errors leaves a feeble impression on the examiner. Without sound knowledge, it is quite impossible to frame sensible sentences for articulating the research argument if grammar rules. Errors in punctuation marks and syntax can change the meaning of a sentence to a great degree.

The Significance of Using a Duplicate Content Checker

It is prudent to scan the paper with a content checker to ensure that inane errors do not remain in an academic paper. The paper for plagiarism scanning is easily uploaded on a plagiarism checking site or app. The scan result is given within seconds.

The report is downloadable. The scan report is highly detailed to ensure that all kinds of mistakes are shown to the user. Usually, for grammatical errors, subsequent corrections are shown to the user. A person can quickly rectify the mistakes by selecting the auto-correct options given by the system.

The plagiarism passages are highlighted, and the sources are given. The scholar has the option to add the sources in the works cited page or remove the highlighted passages from the paper for avoiding plagiarism.

Significance of Avoiding Plagiarism

In the present day, plagiarism cases are frequently occurring. The provision of downloading and/or copying information from online sources has made it very easy to access data. Students or new researchers easily find a tremendous amount of information on the internet.

Multiple online archives allow people to access journals and research papers. New scholars, therefore, find it very easy to create a literature review of allied research texts.

The ease of online searching has added fuel to the propensity of some people who prefer to copy over creating something new. It is effortless to take information from the internet and modify it. Hence, plagiarism is widespread because text modification evades the primary detection level of copy-paste work.

However, software developers have introduced sophisticated content checkers that detect modified text. The detection of modified passages leaves a permanent blot on the research career of an individual. It can also lead to copyright lawsuits. Hence, it is essential to stay away from plagiarism.

How to Select a Sophisticated Content Checker?

The primary task that is conducted by a plagiarism checker is to highlight sections of the paper that are copied from one or more sources. Plagiarism is not palatable in any manner. It is vital to understand that copying work form others and reproducing it under one’s name is a punishable offense.

Some individuals are inclined to take the easy way of plagiarizing work from others. These offenses are caught during plagiarism scanning, and proper punishment is given for committing plagiarism.

But for people who have accidentally plagiarized written matter from another text, there is an excellent chance to rectify that mistake.

A content checker is a perfect solution that helps in systematically checking a document for plagiarism. Scholars and students can make fair use of a writing plagiarism checker for avoiding plagiarism in their written work.

Why Copyleaks Is the Best Content Checker?

Many plagiarism checkers are available online. There are quite a few websites that provide online plagiarism checking services to users. There is usually a sign-up process involved in accessing the plagiarism scanning service. However, choosing the best is always the right option.

Hence, it is significant to thoroughly go through the terms of service of the software company. The privacy policy is also an important aspect when it comes to using an online service. People who need to scan documents daily are allowed to opt for a time-bound subscription period.

The services provided to subscribers should be carefully examined. The quantity of documents that require scanning is vital in selecting the type of subscription required for conducting plagiarism scanning of documents.

It is essential to evaluate the service provider’s plagiarism scanning technology to select the best plagiarism checking software. The use of AI software for plagiarism scanning helps determine highly modified types of plagiarism in a document.

Copyleaks not just come with all the qualities mentioned above, but it is also an AI plagiarism checker that gives the users the best and the most detailed plagiarism scan result.


The task of finding plagiarism and other allied errors in a paper with the manual method of checking is quite tricky and time-consuming. There are plagiarism checkers that perform automatic document scanning to aid this process. Hence, the easiest way to reduce plagiarism is to employ an AI-powered content checker for textual scanning work.

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