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Content validity in a research paper highly depends on the sources that are there in the research paper. Appropriately citing a document is vital to ensure that no information is left out.

Anthology: Definition and Uses

A potential reader who wants to easily access and read a whole range of literary works such as poems, short stories, drama and musical compositions can have an anthology. Most readers love

In the present world, it is pretty common for students to attend online courses. Students enroll for online courses and do the classes through an LMS platform. This method of teaching-learning is

Plagiarism is academically dishonest and a violation of academic policy. Academic works are supposed to be the results of students’ thoughts, views, research, and self-expression. Students’ plagiarized content is not accepted at

Most students find writing assignments quite challenging, for it should include all the necessary information. If you are in a school or university, you cannot avoid writing assignments. When writing an assignment,

Unconscious plagiarism is the incident of presenting someone else’s ideas as her/his own. According to a recent study, plagiarism occurs during the retention interval. The act of repeating the elaboration phase in