How to Use Copyleaks with Learning Management System

Plagiarism Checkers helping Employee Training

Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application used for the administration, documentation, tracking, and delivering educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs in any educational institution.

It can also help in employee training and allows students and teachers to have a detailed idea of the course content they are interested in while going for the online courses. Some of the top open sources of Learning Management Systems are Moodle, ATutor, Eliademy, Dokeos, and others.

Copyleaks as an Integral Part of the Learning Management System

Copyleaks is one of the most used plagiarism checkers for education that is useful to identify duplicate content by the teachers as well as students. People use Copyleaks for plagiarism detection of high school academic papers, research papers, and others. to keep the standard of education at a high quality. It is an online plagiarism checker, which institutes use to do regular plagiarism checks to find out if there are any duplicate content anywhere.

Use of Copyleaks in LMS Platforms

Moodle: This platform accurately scans all the documents that might be in many different languages. The plagiarism checker helps to find heavily paraphrased content and gives full reports on similar found objects.

Another decisive criterion is that it supports different file types. The teachers who work with Moodle can distinguish the work of their students in separate files and folders and have the privilege of choosing the grade option, and the plagiarism checker helps them to make sure that what the student submitted is original.

Canvas: Both students and teachers to share files all on one platform using this. This platform allows the teacher to create their folder so that they can keep track of the different courses they are teaching. This platform also helps the teacher to accept the homework by a student as well to grade it faster. It also helps in editing the homework. This platform allows Copyleaks as a plagiarism checker for a better learning experience.

Blackboard: This is also an LMS for a modern classroom for simple and easy management of study materials or teaching materials. The Blackboard helps students, teachers, and faculty members to keep track of the courses they chose to learn and teach, respectively. People can use Copyleaks as a part of Blackboard without having to download extra software to work with it.

Brightspace: This is a platform that has not launched yet. It allows users to check for plagiarism directly on their platform. Also, the inclusion of Copyleaks has made scanning student assignments easier. With the help of this, all the teachers can easily manage all the homework and training programs. The plagiarism checker here allows the teachers to do everything from within the platform.

The usefulness of the LMS Features

This management source is helpful in a variety of ways, such as by centralizing the data and giving online training resources throughout the globe. A considerable population of the learning community is dependent on this system that helps them to keep everything in check.

It is a significant responsibility carried out by the LMS, and these need specific features. These features are as follows:

Migration of Data: LMS should have the function of supporting a vast range of formats so that a user can move all their big files of valuable information to their LMS. It should also make the process of data migration very easy so that anyone can use it.

Support of Social Media: E-learning courses that miss the unique social media features are not up to the mark and are doing a great disservice to their corporate learners. This feature helps in interacting with peers, and users can use it as a tracking device to monitor the engagement of the learners and their participation in learning.

Tools for Collaborative Learning: Learning is much easier when done by collaborating with other students. Learning is fun when there is room for discussion and changes. Therefore, a good LMS should be authoring tools that can help the learners to do detailed collaborate learning with the help of these tools.

Learning Personalized Paths: Online training is more useful if it is personalized. Online learners should have the option to create their learning process to help them with all their gaps and goals. Personalized tools help the users to make a system, which can be beneficial for them, and users make them according to their needs.

Access to a Vteachersariety of Platforms: A good LMS should have the feature of adjusting to suit any device. If it needs to be made user-friendly, then the accessibility should be of high quality so that anyone can use it anywhere without any hassle.

Also, some LMS helps to keep track of students’ attendance; administrators can keep an eye on which students attended the class, came in late, or missed everything. Another feature of LMS is the exchange of feedback that can take place among students and even between students and teachers.

The Easy-to-use User Interface

The LMS is user-friendly and is easy to access at any point in time, anywhere and by anyone. Teachers to keep in check the courses they teach can use it, as well as students, to know the path they want to learn in detail.

Trainees, as well as for different courses on employee training, can use it. Some companies use LMS for more than their own small needs and needs beyond the four walls of the office boundary. It is extended use of LMS, hence is known as the Extended Enterprise LMS.


Learning goes a long way in today’s world and eLearning courses are changing the educational world a lot. There are a considerable number of people regularly joining the learner’s community, and in that case, the Learning Management System is of great use for these learners. It is a web-based program, which can help students and teachers alike with its features and tools.

Offices also use it, as mentioned above. Its accessibility to different formats like videos, audios, texts, and others makes it more widely used. While it is a very user-friendly system, it still is not very easy to operate everywhere, as some organizations do not have the infrastructure to support this system.

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