Plagiarism in Kannada: How to Check Plagiarism in a Regional Language?

Plagiarism has become a common issue while writing any kind of article. Be it a blog post, essays, or research paper. Moreover, assignments or project works are essential to score well in academics as we all know that India consists of a diversified culture of people. Likewise, the language also varies from one place to another. Thus, it becomes to find out plagiarism in Kannada language as well. Since Kannada is a regional language of Bangalore, India, it becomes difficult to check a paper for plagiarism.

History suggests that the origin of the Indian educational system is from the system of Gurukul. In this Gurukul system, students lived in the teacher’s place and used to impart knowledge. Later on, after the arrival of the British in India, this system was changed. Instead, Indian education started getting the essence of modernization from the Colonial era. 

In recent dates, the thirty-four years of India’s educational system has come across with a significant change. National Educational Policy of 2020 states a massive transformation in the educational system. The system has become more flexible.

The shift in education includes both school and college educations. The new method of schooling deals with the 5+3+3+4 structure of curricula. The knowledge is going to be imparted based on their mental ability.

Projects Wrote in the Regional Language, Especially in the Kannada Language.

Nevertheless, in today’s time, the importance of project works has increased a lot. Moreover, the academic score depends on the assignments which the students are being provided. As per our knowledge, India is a diversified country. Therefore, each state has a different regional language. Around 37.4 million students pursue academic courses in India. Upon that, they are coming from other parts of the country.

Here comes the importance of the Kannada language in India. Many students study in this regional language. Moreover, they need to submit many projects works in this language. Often one observes that in most parts of India, plagiarism is not that vital. Because of several languages, it becomes difficult to have a check for plagiarism.

Kannada University, a research-based university, takes every research paper very seriously. Also, the university follows an ethical policy relating to plagiarism. The university allows exploring the researchers’ knowledge, and with proper citation, they are allowed to publicize their paper.

Even this university has drafted a plagiarism policy under the UGC’s “Promotion of Academic Integrityand Prevention of Plagiarism in Higher Educational Institutions Regulations, 2017.”  

How to Avoid Plagiarism?

Now the question comes, how to avoid plagiarism? Now a detailed description of the entire thing includes:

  • First and foremost, the students need to submit a document that declares that the dissertation work or thesis is the original work. Also, the same is free from plagiarism. It is one of the simple steps of building trust between the student and the instructor.
  • The student needs to pass the assignment through the anti-plagiarism software. The duplicate content detection software application finds similarities between the document project works.
  • Since there is a language issue, the student and the instructor need to scrutinize the paper manually.
  • The instructor needs to clarify plagiarism to the students not to take part in plagiarism cases. Their work remains to be original.
  • The students need to understand that duplicate content is actually unethical and also punishable.

Students have a fear of losing marks in their academics. Therefore they remain super cautious about writing identical content. Technology is booming now and then, and the plagiarism casesget the chance of diminishing.

Why Is It Essential to Check a Paper for Plagiarism?

Nevertheless, with software engineers’ hard work, there are many anti-plagiarism software applications in recent times. They are efficient enough to detect the copied content with the help of plagiarism detection tools.

Sometimes repetition of a few phrases appears to be plagiarized. It might have occurred unintentionally, but the work displays plagiarism. Now it is a big problem for the writer of Kannada language.

How Copyleaks Helps to Determine Duplicate Content in the Kannada Language?

People are doing a lot of these works in this language. It becomes difficult to detect the copied content without any software. Well, well! Copyleaks has come across a solution to this problem too. This software can scan the content of 100+ languages. Along with English, Spanish, French, German, and Hindi, this software enables them to scan other regional languages.

With the help of “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology,” Copyleaks has come up with search engines’ power. It, in turn, helps to achieve an advanced result based on the searching of copied text.

The software compares text and quickly determines the duplicate content, and aims to qualify the work with authenticity and originality. Henceforth, the student obtains a unique work.

It determines to scan every identical text and detects similar texts. Moreover, the Copyleaks plagiarism checker is also synonymic as a detector of the paraphrasing tool. It provides support in finding out duplicate or copied text. The software has multiple layers for searching, which helps to check a paper for plagiarism.

With the development of computer science, everything has become so accessible nowadays. Students quickly have a check for similar content. They are smart now, so they try to compare texts through Copyleaks first and then go for a submission.

Even the alarming rate of academic plagiarism is a fear for the researchers. Today, everyone has easy accession to the internet, an open-source for all the information, facts, and figures.

Therefore, intentionally or unintentionally, the text is being copied by the writer. It is an actual terror for the scholars. So it is always better to process the context through the anti-plagiarism software. In that way, one can produce plagiarism-free writeups in any language without hassle.

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