Plagiarism Warning: Signs a Student Is Committing Plagiarism

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Duplicate or copied content is plagiarism form where written text is copied from a source and the source is not credited appropriately in the document. Duplicate content abounds on the online platform. In many instances, content there is direct copying of the content. It is direct plagiarism.

In unintentional plagiarism, the writer is unaware of the copied content in the document.

Plagiarism is a profound problem in the present era. It has assumed a gigantic proportion in the current world because people have unlimited access to information, which they can download and manipulate.

The online platform is there to aid the users with the information-sharing process. But plagiarism is the negative effect that has emerged in the present generation due to the internet.

How Much Internet Is to Blame For Plagiarism in Academics?

Plagiarism in the academic sphere is not uncommon. However, information from the internet makes it very easy for people to copy and cheat. There are many ways in which duplicate content surfaces in the writings of students or freelance writers.

From direct copying to missing citations, everything falls under the category of plagiarism. Mistakes such as missing quotation marks can give a wrong impression regarding the author of the referenced passage.

One should know that plagiarism includes everything that steals the credit of an author. It occurs when the writer uses their work without acknowledging them. Morally responsible writers will not knowingly take away the author’s credit.

However, mistakes often happen that lead to the wrong attribution. It is vital to take due notice of duplicate content. It will help in removing such instances before publishing/submitting the document.

Plagiarism Is Not Punishable, But Copyright Infringement Is Punishable

However, plagiarism is not punishable by the Court. But, it is vital to remember that copyright infringement is a punishable offense. If a person plagiarizes content from a copyright-protected work, then it is a copyright violation.

Even for derivative work from copyrighted material, a person needs to seek permission from the copyright owner. The absence of requisite approval can turn the plagiarism case into a crime. Hence, it is sensible to prevent plagiarism from the very outset to avoid complications after publication/submission.

Plagiarism Warning Signs Among Students

There are enough instances in the academic world that reveal the propensity to cheat among students. Therefore, to prevent plagiarism in student assignments, it is vital to note the plagiarism warning signs among students.

For avoiding plagiarism, students should understand the importance of original work and the adverse effects of duplicate content. However, there are issues that prompt students to plagiarize. Reasons that propel students to plagiarize while doing their assignments are as follows:

  • Inability to Create a Piece of Content Individually:

Original work is not possible without original ideas. In a research paper or article, it is essential to have the individual researcher’s input. It is common to have a considerable gamut of information on any topic on the internet.

There is nothing wrong with looking up through books or browse pages on the internet on the topic. But, a student needs to provide novel inferences on the issue. The primary aspect of any writing project is the fruition of new ideas. People who lack critical thinking ability fail to articulate new ideas. Without original content, a piece of writing is never considered a research paper.

Students who cannot draw individual conclusions often tend to copy information from the internet. This habit leads to plagiarized papers in academia. It is also effortless to catch such plagiarised papers with the help of an online plagiarism checker.

  • Unsatisfactory GPA or Low Grades:

Students enrolled in a course have the tension to perform better for acquiring good grades. Better grades make the academic journey of a student easier. But, when students fail to perform satisfactorily in the assignments, it scares them. Students with low grades often lack the confidence to work individually or are afraid to present their points. The fear of failing the course or getting poor marks makes students restless.

They do not feel that their work is enough for acquiring a satisfactory grade. Hence, to make their paper stand out in the crowd, they copy assignments from the internet or other students. According to them, this is the most effective method for procuring a good grade.

  • Lack of Understanding and/or Interest:

The subject that the student is learning offers knowledge on the topics covered under the subject. Multiple courses are present for students who want to read, understand, and then write a paper.

But, if a student gets enrolled in an uninteresting course, then the learning outcome is compromised. It is significant to gain complete information about a specific subject before taking admission. Opting for a curriculum that is not interesting leads to half-hearted efforts while completing assignments.

  • Not Knowing the Rules of Citation:

It is vital to know how to cite and how to quote reference material in an academic paper. The supervisor gives details of the citation format. Adhering to the format prescribed by the institute is vital. Mistakes made while formatting the task, such as lack of double quotation marks or missing notes, can result in plagiarism charges.

Unintentional errors in the citation format also lead to plagiarism. Careful observation helps in eliminating these mistakes that can otherwise lead to plagiarism. However, to avoid plagiarism entirely, it is prudent to scan the document with anti-plagiarism software.

  • Deferring Assignments:

Assignments are deadline-bound. The instructor, during the course of studies, set the deadlines for several tasks. The students are expected to follow the set deadline for submitting the assignments. As a responsible student, it is vital to compartmentalize tasks. One cannot finish a dissertation in a day.

A gradual and step-by-step process should be there for the successful completion of a written assignment. If the student does not set up a routine and adheres to it, work is bound to pile up. Nearing deadlines can induce fear when the assignments are not up-to-date. Therefore, in a hurry to complete the paper, the student uses unethical means of plagiarism.

Duplicate content is avoidable with the help of an online plagiarism checker. Hence, it is sensible to take a plagiarism warning seriously and carefully evaluate a paper with anti-plagiarism software before submitting it.

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