Your Guide to Eliminate Plagiarism in LMS Platforms

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Learning management system or LMS platforms can be described as a virtual educational institution. Open-source learning platforms ease the task of teachers and students to a great extent.

An LMS or a learning management platform is a virtual interface that aids the process of social learning. Multiple LMS platforms provide teachers and students the scope to teach and learn from anywhere.

The importance of virtual learning is palpable as it provides course flexibility. The pace of the course content can be customized to suit the pace of the student. Students also get ample opportunities to rectify their errors and relearn lessons. Hence, LMS platforms aid teaching-learning in very many ways.

What Are the Most Popular LMS Platforms?

The most popular LMS platforms are the following:

  1. Moodle:

The Moodle e-learning platform is an activity-based learning space. Courses are designed that can be read, heard, or viewed by students. Additional sources, like links to websites or articles, can also be added to the course content. On the other hand, students can also provide feedback on the given assignment. Activity-oriented content engages students considerably.

  1. Brightspace:

There are multiple innovative tools on Brightspace that helps in making the teaching-learning experience. Students can choose the courses they want to pursue. A hassle-free login process makes it easier for students to access courses.

  1. Canvas:

This free, open-source application is beneficial in creating a better digital learning environment. It is easy to create a lesson plan for this application.

  1. Blackboard:

Blackboard learning is a highly sophisticated system where the course gets directly uploaded to the student’s account immediately after enrolment. This modern interface allows students to enroll in courses easily and take classes as per their convenience.

Guiding Students Through Virtual Classrooms for Avoiding Plagiarism

Online education has opened up several possibilities. Teachers and students do not need to venture out to communicate with each other. Courses are customizable, and students can learn as per their aptitude.

However, preventing plagiarism during virtual sessions is a challenge. Students often seek to check information on the internet and share notes with other students, and with virtual learning, this propensity is increasing alarmingly.

In such a scenario, teachers need to make students aware of the effects of plagiarism. They should be acquainted with the presence of foolproof plagiarism checkers that can automatically detect copied content in their papers.

The students can also be encouraged to check their essays with such plagiarism checkers and find the extent of copied content in their written work.

How to Check for Plagiarism on Cloud-Based Learning Applications?

It is vital to ensure open communication to enhance the learning experience. In virtual education, it is essential to ensure that the submitted assignments are checked for quality and plagiarism. Plagiarism is not unusual in school assignments. Due to the shift towards online education, the instances of copying information have increased considerably.

Multiple robust LMS platforms ensure that disseminating information and conducting online media classes is correctly carried out. However, it is slightly challenging to check and grade paper in bulk quantities within short deadlines when it comes to plagiarism.

Software developers have created innovative plagiarism checking plug-ins for LMS platforms to ensure the smooth operation of virtual classes and paper checking. Most LMS platforms are compatible with a variety of browsers. It is compatible with all LMS platforms to ensure the plagiarism checker and paper grader plug-in compatibility.

Useful Features of a Virtual Paper

The useful features of a virtual paper checker are:

  • Time Efficiency:

Deadlines and bulk grading often increase teachers’ anxiety, but with the best paper grader plug-in, teachers can ensure accurate grading of papers with the software’s help. Apart from performing grammar checking, the software also scans the essay for plagiarism.

  • Accurate Reports:

The report given to the teachers regarding a student’s assignment contains several details regarding the quality of writing and the instances of similarity, and the percentage of similarity present among the group of papers submitted under the same assignment topic.

The result is comprehensive and helps determine the extent of effort given by the student for the assignment. The paper’s automatic checking does not imply that the quality of paper checking is compromised at any level. All databases present on the internet are scanned against the paper for detecting plagiarism.

  • Storage-Free Plug-In:

The plagiarism checking software is installed as a plug-in, but it does not use the space on the hard disc because the entire data is kept in the Cloud platform. It helps in preventing slow-downs of the device due to cluttered disc space. The paper checking is conducted in the Cloud platform, and the copied data is highlighted in the uploaded document.

  • Real-Time Data Transfer:

The highly developed plug-ins use an API system that ensures smooth integration with the LMS platform. It helps in the simultaneous exchange of information in real-time.

  • Privacy of the Documents:

It is vital to note that a reputable software service provider will not send the uploaded data to a third party site. Hence the plagiarism checking plug-in is also developed to maintain data privacy.

The presence of this kind of plagiarism checker software that can smoothly integrate with any LMS platform helps in thorough checking of all types of documents for plagiarism. The plagiarism reports given by this automatic plagiarism checker is accurate. Hence, such Cloud-based applications are beneficial for ensuring a smooth virtual learning process.

Open education has been made possible with the introduction of LMS platforms. One can automatically check for plagiarism with a plagiarism software plug-in to eliminate plagiarism from online learning. It is also quite essential to eliminate to maintain a higher standard of education.

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