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Case Studies

The world’s largest businesses and educational institutions depend on Copyleaks to authenticate duplicate content and identify plagiarism in student submissions.

Read below to learn more about how Copyleaks helps identify plagiarism for various businesses and academic institutions.

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Semrush SEO and Digital Marketing Platform

Semrush needed to include an “originality” feature for their customers to help them find out if there is duplicate content elsewhere online and further improve their SEO rankings. After collaborating with Copyleaks, once any text is submitted, users receive a score, including the originality of their content and what sources have been used. The change allowed Semrush to level up its product with the added power of Copyleaks.

Edgenuity Virtual Learning Platform

Edgenuity is working with thousands of school districts around the United States to provide virtual learning for K-12. They found that many of their faculty users discovered their students were copying answers from forums and all over the internet and wanted to lower the plagiarism incidents that were happening. After implementing the Copyleaks API to their product, there has been a significant drop in plagiarized school assignments. Teachers and students are now able to view elements from the similarity report provided by Copyleaks.

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UpGrad E-Learning & Online Degree Platform

UpGrad needed a plagiarism detection solution to integrate with their custom-made online learning platform. So they added Copyleaks to their environment, allowing students to receive a similarity report with every assignment they submitted. Now, they are alerted if the similarity percentage is too high and can update their assignment accordingly.

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Macmillan Learning Achieve Online Learning Platform

Macmillan has integrated the Copyleaks API into their digital learning platform, Achieve, to improve student writing. The plagiarism detection elements implemented in Achieve help students understand if there was accidental plagiarism before submitting their final version of an assignment. Students can also identify the proper sources used during their research and writing.

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Rakuten Advertising, Affiliate Marketing Program

Rakuten hosts an affiliate marketing program that describes businesses and their products. Rakuten’s review process included checking if the publisher’s content is original. In addition, their internal team uses the API to add websites from potential partners and detect if they have copied from other websites.

Oakland University, 40,000+ Students

Oakland University found a pain point with their Moodle LMS integration. The faculty wanted to add a “plagiarism barometer” so teachers could feel comfortable knowing their students did not plagiarize. Working with Copyleaks, they were able to add a plagiarism tool to their LMS platform. Teachers and students can now view results directly from Moodle.

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