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Safeguarding Intellectual Property: IZZ2IZZ’s Journey in Content Protection With Copyleaks




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Overview & Background

IZZ2IZZ, a start-up software organization based in Bari, Italy, embarked on a mission to revolutionize digital innovation via blockchain technology. Since its founding in 2021, the company has leveraged blockchain to safeguard companies’ intellectual property rights and ensure transparent verification processes. IZZ2IZZ offers a diverse portfolio of services spanning notarization, editorial and content verification, and source code protection, establishing itself as a leading trusted partner for businesses, educational institutions, and legal entities.

The Challenge

In general, blockchains can verify the existence of content at a specific time but not its originality. Therefore, someone could easily copy another’s work, put it on the blockchain, and claim that they produced it first. With the rise of AI-generated technology and evidence around the potential of plagiarism within AI model output, concerns naturally began to rise among IZZ2IZZ users about protecting original content against copyright infringement and plagiarism. The trepidation around the potential of blockchain content getting copied and misrepresented highlighted the need for a comprehensive solution offering from IZZ2IZZ. The team set the task of creating an evolved offering for users that also included content protection and upheld all originality.

The more clients voiced concern about content originality, the more we realized our offering had to be even more innovative. Eventually, we asked ourselves, ‘If we’re creating content and helping others create content, then why not create a comprehensive offering that also helps protect that content?'

Luigia Gabriele, CEO of IZZ2IZZ Innovative

The Process

Recognizing the complexity of integrating plagiarism detection with AI capabilities and notarization, the team first determined the criteria for implementation, including P2P file custody, multi-language support, customizable reporting, file-sharing capabilities, and timestamping.

After evaluating various content detection solutions on the market, testing each against the other, and comparing the pros and cons along with their required criteria, IZZ2IZZ identified Copyleaks as the ideal partner, meeting all their specified criteria, in addition to finding value in Copyleaks’ vast data repository.

Once the decision was made, the team tackled the next challenge: making necessary improvements to ensure their offering was genuinely unique.

Sample reporting

With the added protection, the team needed to ensure that the cost per transaction continued to position them well in the marketplace. Another was making the necessary modifications to ensure the detection within the product was well positioned. Next, utilizing Copyleaks’ powerful AI-based engine and machine learning technology, the team tackled its most significant challenge: instill market trust to place its newly innovated product offering at the top market for maximum impact.

Copyleaks Customer Support Team was instrumental in bringing our vision to the market. While Copyleaks did meet all our criteria when we were looking for a plagiarism detection product, it was the Customer Support Team that sealed the deal once we started working with them that we made the right decision.

Luigia Gabriele, CEO of IZZ2IZZ Innovative

The Impact

By seamlessly integrating Copyleaks’ advanced technology into its platform, IZZ2IZZ achieved significant milestones in content protection and plagiarism detection. The enhanced quality and execution of updating their overall product bolstered clients’ confidence in the platform, positioning it as a market leader among blockchain offerings.

Looking Forward

In the spirit of its latest offering, IZZ2IZZ continues its path of innovation and growth. The company’s focus on delivering exceptional services and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. It continues to stay diligent in addressing new challenges and improving digital innovation. As genAI technology advances, IZZ2IZZ is prepared to adapt and innovate to protect its clients’ valuable assets, including their ideas and creations.