Can Copyright protect a Tweet? Will It Need Citation?

A Background to Tweet Citation Roughly 500 million tweets are sent in a day. People often ask whether a tweet can be protected by Copyright alone or does it need tweet citation? Yes, Copyright does protect tweets and the expression of ideas. But, there are specific requirements. These include: One should express the tweets in […]

Ideas to Get Started With Research Paper Topics

Writers need to master the skills of choosing research paper topics and gather adequate research materials beforehand. Students must always think of several subjects of interest and then opt for the final subject. If they choose a controversial topic, they must develop a particular perspective for their research papers. One needs to be a voracious […]

Your Handy Guide to Research Paper Citation

One of the most common academic dishonesty that has become a concern to educational institutions is plagiarism. As per the data, the plagiarism cases are increasing, which has become a threat to the schools and other educational institutions as it harms their reputation. They have strict educational policies to deal with the students who have […]

The Importance of Bibliography and Citation

For producing a well-constructed document, proper research is always essential. On occasions, a writer may also use parts of their source material to support their argument. It strengthens the author’s particular point of view that she is trying to establish and at the same time proves the accuracy of the content. Hence, citing the source […]

Research Skills: Definition and Examples

Research skills are the essential qualities necessary for successfully heading a research project. Without the vital skills, it isn’t possible to frame the research paper. Writing a research paper is a significant task. Meticulous research is indispensable to complete a research project. It is crucial to understand the research skills required for successfully conducting completing […]

Common Citation Mistakes: Here’s What You Should Know

The unauthorized use of someone else’s work and passing it under their name can put a writer in trouble when drafting a research paper. Citation mistakes can be a result of negative impressions of your paper and can lead to critical consequences. A writer often gets worried about the writing style and writing format, but […]

What Are In-Text Citations?

In-Text Citations form a significant part of a written document. A research paper or blog post contains references from one or more authors. Online browsing provides individuals with a lot of information. Sometimes the source of a document or article published online is challenging to find. But that does not imply that the writer can […]

Guest Posts On The Copyleaks Blog

Write for Copyleaks and reach 500,000 monthly website visitors! Copyleaks constantly receives a very refined and educated audience, who are on the lookout for engaging and knowledgeable content.  It gets even sweeter. is a 8+ years old domain, with a high DA and very good trust level with Google!  Copyleaks is accepting guest posts! […]

How to Cite an Interview? Get It Done With the Help of Online Tools

Why is it crucial to know how to cite an interview? While preparing academic papers, the researchers have to gather essential and unique data to make their documents stand out from the others. Data received from an interview is precious, but they also open up new avenues of the personality who is the research’s central […]