How to Keep Your School Work Plagiarism Free This Year

The Role Played by Internet in Producing Plagiarized Work School is synonymous to home; preferably, a second home. However, here also the students are producing plagiarized work. Hence, this calls for a perfect and plagiarism free work. One cannot deny that every student is partly or dependent on the internet.  They rely on the internet […]

How to Get the Most Accurate Scan Results

Why Plagiarism Detectors are so important? Plagiarism checker is optimal to search for relevant results of a document scan. It is necessary to think and identify a proper plagiarism checker to check the submitted documents. In order to make sure that all the references have been incorporated but not copied, the actual process of scanning […]

4 Tools Every Student in School Should Use

Getting all your schoolwork done in between extracurriculars and hanging out with friends sometimes seems impossible. Whether it’s midterm season or even the beginning of the school year, these are 5 great tools to keep your school work top-notch. DuoLingo Even if you’re not in Spanish III, improving your skills of a particular language will […]

How to Use OCR to Find Plagiarism

OCR stands for Optical character recognition or Optical Character Reader. This technology enables the user to convert different documents, texts, scanned papers, pdf files, and snaps into editable data. It is one of the newest technologies that help edit software, furthered a step towards a better checking option. As it converts the documents or images into […]

Copyleaks iPhone and iPad App Are Now Here!

The Copyleaks team has been hard at work to bring you all the features you love about Copyleaks-scanning, sharing results, and more to iOS and now it’s available! Check out how we’re making your scans on-the-go even easier.